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    Give us Resistance 3, mate. This would be a real treat. Like you did Batman. I didn't try these yet but I hope they work.

    Great work.

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    since noone said it yet: arkham city indeed works from external! hope to see spiderman and other surface soon

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    Dec 2010
    hi anyone here know to dump trueblue special bluray disc to ps3 or internal/external hdd please give me advice and tools to make it

    sorry for my bad english i live in indonesia


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    Feb 2012
    We are waiting for Resident Evil n Ninja Gaiden 3...

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    please fix Metal gear solid HD COLLECTION!!! EUR/USA.

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    Nov 2011
    TB team is working on their new rootkits so they can screw up your internal HDD, even make your PS3 explode.

    So don't wait new game releases any time sooner.

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    i hate rushy people..

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    hi.. thanks for the patch, it woks perfectly fine on ace combat euro version released by duplex.

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    Mar 2012
    Someone have Armored Core V PAL ANTiDOTE? what's your language in game? mine is JAP... maybe is for the TB patch... how can i change it?? please help me

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    Still need Atelier Totori European version (BLES01221) TB Patch because only US version exists...

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