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  1. #641
    fantopoulos Guest
    Any eboot for tb for racoon city folks

  2. #642
    technodon Guest
    collection of TrueBlue eboots here: http://www.slingfile.com/file/jp0qF1i0bJ

  3. #643
    apacs44 Guest
    nice thanks

  4. #644
    asionline Guest
    thnx for the info..

  5. #645
    ilovehc Guest
    Hi! any news about Ace Combat: Assault Horizon eboot fix?

    is there any hope? :)


  6. #646
    lastgamer Guest
    I can't start the new FIFA Street or even SSX, gives me an error when i click in the emulated game(s) in xmb. I replaced the eboots and param.sfo, don't know what to do more.

  7. #647
    Bartholomy Guest
    Don't replace param.sfo, just for start Then guess, if you didn't get a bad rip, game will load

  8. #648
    bombarde Guest
    Hi, i got a problem.

    i ripped my Streetfighter X Tekken game myself and have changed eboot and param.sfo.

    If i start the game now there comes a blackscreen I waited even 1 hour but Blackscreen didn't go.

    You know whats the problem?

  9. #649
    dhemy Guest
    hi bombarde, try with a game disc in drive and make sure your have euro version of your game cause tb patch for euro or usa version maybe

  10. #650
    omarmukhtar Guest

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