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    guys i got a problem with portal 2 AND mass effect 3 on tb! mass effect 3 gives me a black screen and portal 2 gives me a damn grey screen with a yellow triangle with a red Exclamation point in the middle? can u help me with either of these problems? other games work just fine (darkness 2 , dark souls , rage....)

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    Do you have a game disc in the drive, and start the game from Disc Icon in XMB?

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    thnx man i did not have a game disk in the drive. inserted one and now both problems solved! great diagnose man! +rep 4 you

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    why has been a week and a day and still not come out the other fixes in recent games?

    that will no longer eboot??

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    They usually release fixes for games every 1 month or so, just be patient and more Eboot fixes will arrive.

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    Anyone got any active links for White knight chronicles 2 and Record of agarest war Zero ?

    I can't find them. Only one I found of WKC was on wupload and it was password protected with the source now gone.

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    Yeah I already have the EBOOT fix. I'm talking about the full games.

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    oh my fault,

    Record of Agarest on RS:
    pass for archive: mumie

    WKC2 on RS is available on (

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    Thanks a mill. You can't imagine how many hours I've spent looking for these

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