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    Oct 2010
    farkkk anyone know if raccoon citys any good or poop?

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    I was trying to mod the saint seiya music from euro to japan music and when I rip my japan copy, the game show up as a lot of DEMO_xx.usm under the movie folder. Any idea on how to proceed?

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    Dec 2010
    If the the European (PAL) version has the same files you can just copy the files and it might work. I suggest you make a backup of the game in case something goes wrong though.

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    How exactly do I open usm file?

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    Dec 2010
    You can try this ( program to play .USM files.

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    Actually, my bad, I find the resource .cpk. I manage to find a program and extracted the file and found the sound folder. Do I just swap the euro sound folder with the japan sound folder and it should work? How do I repack the cpk?

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    Dec 2010
    Yeah just swap them, just make sure they both have the same file name and are around the same size though, somethime the JAP and EUR are "built" or made differently. The program you are using should re-pack the .CPK file, but if it doesn't you should be able to find a couple of programs that can repack .CPK files.

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    Anyone get the jap EBOOT for naruto ultimate ninja storm generation to work with us release?


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    Three weeks ago there was Super Star Kartz EBOOT PATCH TB PS3 PARADOX release along with few fake patches.

    Some reported game didn't work with this fix, eg. giving a black screen.

    Can someone confirm this eboot patch working or not and what game release to use?

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    Mar 2012


    who can make TB EBOOT FIX for Yakuza: Dead Souls [ENG] ?

    please help!

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