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Thread: PS3 JailBreak 2 (JB2) / True Blue (TB) CFW PARADOX Game Releases

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    danyelsantos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daivyphuong View Post
    Silent hill you need loading game with disc wait to 1 minute, game will install
    where do you get that game?, i just can find the paradox fix, not the game i use torrentleech

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    za3tot Guest
    is it really working? ff13-2's eboot

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    holysword Guest
    Did anyone try to use the euro eboot on the Asia version of the game that with english text and japanese diologue?

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    japabr Guest
    PDX team area really doing an INCREDIBLE job on those TB patches I just wonder if it would take long to see a UCF UNDISPUTED 3 TB Patch, the game are sitting on my HDD forever and I cant wait to play! I'd get the original if they didn't demanded updating the system.

    Keep up the AWESOME work PDX! Respect!

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    dookie123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by holysword View Post
    Did anyone try to use the euro eboot on the Asia version of the game that with english text and japanese diologue?
    Use the JPN eboot of FF XIII-2 with the asian version of the game. works a treat. has the english with japanese audio.

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    nino7050 Guest
    Let see i have 1 question to ask.. anyone try it decode a game buy it from from online store?

    I believe it's possible extract the codes from there hmmm?

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    holysword Guest
    Also, is it hard to mix music in game? I know that Saint Seiya euro doesn't have the original music, so I am wondering if it is possible to rip the japan version music and replace it in the Euro version.

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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by droopster View Post
    does anyone know, blades of time works? because the official game is only 2GB and the rest of the game (like 15gb) you should download when you insert/install/play the game on the ps3. can you do this when you use TB?

    someone try it already? i will also try and let you know if its works.

    the game works only on the internal hdd. don't ask for downloading anything at all, i don't know where i found the info about the 15gb. only install some game data. i completed maybe 30min of the game. the graphics aren't that great. but 2gb for a game??
    I have absolutely no idea what you talking about.

    First, game is only 2gb. Thats all.
    Second, game works perfect externally or internally.
    Third, I tested EU and US version of game with BLUS TB patch and both versions work great.
    Fourth, I'm already approaching the end of game. No problems so far.
    Fifth, take a reality pill. The graphics are excellent comparing to some "wow" games.

    Same thing with Birds of Steel. JAP TB patch works great with ABSTRACT EU release. And like someone already said, FF XIII-2 JAP version works great with EU TB patch. TB patches are made so clever that they work on more then one region, in most of cases.

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    ils Guest
    any news about MGS HD Collection patch ??

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    There was a rumor about one a while ago (, but that was just a fake. But if any more rumors or news arrises about a fix we will report about it.

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