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  1. #591
    Erz Guest
    What? FF XIII-2 is for EUR version? No JPN version?? Oh please

  2. #592
    Asbel Lhant Guest
    Interesting, this XIII-2 release and the Graces one might interest me.

  3. #593
    bonscot Guest
    hands up whos got a black screen on silent hill downpour ?

  4. #594
    daivyphuong Guest
    Silent hill you need loading game with disc wait to 1 minute, game will install

  5. #595
    killer124 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Erz View Post
    What? FF XIII-2 is for EUR version? No JPN version?? Oh please
    both ff and sfxt were released both jap/eur, lazy leakers are too lazy to post links i guess

  6. #596
    daivyphuong Guest
    how to turn on Frame Packed Stereo 3D silent hill downpour with TV 3D?

  7. #597
    willo08 Guest


    Here the password: tv.duowan.com for 2 eboot jap

    I had forgotten lament

  8. #598
    bonscot Guest
    ohh really, thanks very much for that daivyphuong!, downloaded again incase it was a bad rip...

  9. #599
    droopster Guest
    does anyone know, blades of time works? because the official game is only 2GB and the rest of the game (like 15gb) you should download when you insert/install/play the game on the ps3. can you do this when you use TB?

    someone try it already? i will also try and let you know if its works.

    the game works only on the internal hdd. don't ask for downloading anything at all, i don't know where i found the info about the 15gb. only install some game data. i completed maybe 30min of the game. the graphics aren't that great. but 2gb for a game??

  10. #600
    guragura Guest
    is true that eboot TB for Resident Evil Racoon City has released ?

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