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    Oct 2011
    What? FF XIII-2 is for EUR version? No JPN version?? Oh please

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    Interesting, this XIII-2 release and the Graces one might interest me.

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    Oct 2010
    hands up whos got a black screen on silent hill downpour ?

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    Silent hill you need loading game with disc wait to 1 minute, game will install

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erz View Post
    What? FF XIII-2 is for EUR version? No JPN version?? Oh please
    both ff and sfxt were released both jap/eur, lazy leakers are too lazy to post links i guess

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    how to turn on Frame Packed Stereo 3D silent hill downpour with TV 3D?

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    Here the password: for 2 eboot jap

    I had forgotten lament

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    ohh really, thanks very much for that daivyphuong!, downloaded again incase it was a bad rip...

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    does anyone know, blades of time works? because the official game is only 2GB and the rest of the game (like 15gb) you should download when you insert/install/play the game on the ps3. can you do this when you use TB?

    someone try it already? i will also try and let you know if its works.

    the game works only on the internal hdd. don't ask for downloading anything at all, i don't know where i found the info about the 15gb. only install some game data. i completed maybe 30min of the game. the graphics aren't that great. but 2gb for a game??

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    is true that eboot TB for Resident Evil Racoon City has released ?

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