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    Founded thanks. True, vol 2 is nearly impossible to find everywhere.

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    mass effect 3 external

    has anybody managed to get mass effect 3 to work from external hdd it has a 9+gb psarc in it. i've extracted the psarc it leaves you with 2 folders Bioware and Binaries ive put these 2 folders in another & called it main but when i try boot the game it tells there's a problem with the disc i think the folders need to be else where just don't know where.

    any info gratefully received.

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    me too when i start game problem with the disc extract file 10gb ---->16gb with 2 folder

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    ps3 splitter

    Quote Originally Posted by rokko View Post
    has anybody managed to get mass effect 3 to work from external hdd it has a 9+gb psarc in it.
    i downloaded the game like any other one, i replace the TB files and then use ps3splitter to put it on my 2tb external hdd in the map games and then play it from my external hdd with multiman. works fine for me.

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    copy game to internal hdd+loading with disc game work fine but i want play it from External HDD but unsusessful

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    i used ps3 splitter and it split the main psarc into 10 smaller psarcs which i left where the main psarc was and deleted the larger main psarc when i loaded it with multi man it said it needed to do something to it like join up the files or something i watched the ps3 installing it but when it started still gave me the same error "theres a problem with the disc game cant continue" was i supposed to put the split psarcs somewhere else ??

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    i use Split4G+ , and it work with all game, i select filename.666##

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    Blades of Time

    Why there is no game download available for Blades of Time? There is no True blue patch also.

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    I'm still waiting fix for Idolmaster Gravure For You Vol.1-5

    Maybe TB team didn't really like those kind of game though... (T_T)

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    And also Umineko Chiru ... T_T

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