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  1. #551
    mikymax972 Guest
    for me mass effect 3 freeze after the logo bioware and the planet pic, disc inside with last multiman or rogero

  2. #552
    Bartholomy Guest

  3. #553
    bombarde Guest
    If that's true, you are my hero

  4. #554
    aquarius Guest
    who can help link download musou orochi 2 swatch in wupload or turbobit please?

  5. #555
    killer124 Guest
    sorry for the stupid question but is there no release of arkham city or spiderman edge of time out? i see a full iso titled trueblue for arkham but ppl say it doesn't work, for spiderman i wont even find that info

  6. #556
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    they are BD-only. In order to play them you need to get those discs, they're not playable on HDD.

  7. #557
    Emad47 Guest
    They are in special blu-ray discs.

  8. #558
    mikep2506 Guest
    Not a stupid question at all with all the hustle and bustle of dongles and chips and solder and eboots and sprx's blahh, blahh, blahh. But in response to your question, no there is no eboot fix for arkham city right now or spiderman. There was an iso as u speak of however it requires a special bdr disc that well, can't seem to get. (which is bs if u ask me, the goverment is a tyrant) anyway.

    If you really wanna play those games right now go get an xbox 360 for like 50 bucks off ebay and mod it with lt+3.0. That's about the only way unless you upgrade and buy it which i'm assuming, for obvious reasons, you don't. Unless you gotta genie in your bedroom closet.

    BTW, if you mean where can you get full rips of games so u can use the eboots you got me. My choice was megaupload, filesonic, and fileserve. They all closed. THE GOVERNMENT ARE TYRANTS I SAY, TYRANTS!!!

  9. #559
    Bartholomy Guest
    Why a 360? I play them on my ps3 with my TB. I have both as BDR

    p.s. who care of Megaupload. There are so many filesharing still alive..

  10. #560
    Erz Guest
    Say, is there someone have Idolmaster Gravure Vol.2? I already search around the web but don't have any luck to find it

    Bartholomy = If you want Hyperdimension Neptune MK2 JPN version I can give you the link

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