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    lindwurm Guest
    Hmmm after jb2 another name has been revive from the dead, who interest in bringing them and why choose to revive rather than make a new one? nah that just politic.... so they trust Paradox for releasing their backup version. i'm glad a money making season almost over, careful coz maybe a hunting season from sony will begun

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    hockeyfox Guest
    Can these games be run from an external hard drive? My internal drive is tapped.

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    mod632 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyfox View Post
    Can these games be run from an external hard drive? My internal drive is tapped.
    yes they can be ran from external.. watch this new review videos from bubba

    you will see at 1:44 he plugs external drive and inside is portal 2.

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    1Panic Guest
    hmm I'm worried about installing it. I don't know how big each pkg file is. If they are less then 4 gig maybe I can fit it on my stick but I don't know. My usb stick is not very big. So this may not be workable for me.

    Also what took them so long to release this? And since when was there a PSN version of it? lol And will this be something they may do for other 3.6x games?

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I just compared the original Portal 2 to this version of Portal 2 and all the sprx files are different sizes so I'm guessing they have all been decrypted but as its a 3.60 game why have they been decrypted? If its to run in 3.55 then why the need for the TB dongle?

    BTW, I just unself'd the eboot.bin so its 3.55 or less encrypted. Another thing, it goes through MAGIC PKG. As in Magic PRG converts it to the HDD game and it all passes. I'm trying it now, will let you know if I get it working. It also re-encodes the sprx files thats why its taking its time.

    So far I had only luck making the PKG without any editing (Bottom option) but when I choose the editeboot it stops at a sprx and doesn't pass (middle option). What we need is someone that knows more than I do here and to fix the files so they work.

    I keep getting a 80010009 error, or something like that. I'm just using the windows apps currently available and nothing has worked yet. Still trying thou.

    Anyone else had any luck? I've tried just about everything except editing all the files manually and that just takes too long and I'm too busy this evening to try that. Looks like its been decrypted to 3.55 so it can be edited and converted so someone give it a try and see how you go.

    I keep getting a 800100007 error. Not sure what that says but I can't get past that error.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Good work, spunkybuny!

    IIRC, 80010009 is an error what you get when trying to load debug/unsigned content on 3.55. I.e., launching 3.55 eboots "converted" to 3.41 with older methods (manual decryption and editing).

    Also, the cause maybe simple, because as I know, unself frequently gives an eboot with broken header, so it can't be encrypted further without correction. I had enough of that when translating some games.

    Also, please, enlighten me about MAGIC PKG. As far as I'm googled, it's an old program to make pkg's to be playable from HDD. Is it true? Can you link me with the one you're using?

    All that re-encoding of srpx has to be done in 3 stages- decrypt, edit, encrypt. If we can suspend Program when it decrypts srpx, we can have unencrypted version of it to play with it. Just some guesses

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Here is the Magic PKG that I have. I don't have a clue where I got it from but its an awesome app and I thank the dev who made it just about everytime I do something with it.

    I've actually have about 20 games that run installed from HDD using that program. Its the best app for the PS3. It's a windows app not a PS3 app. I'll have to upload it somewhere else as I can't attach anything here. I'll post the link in a tick.


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    MimmoD360 Guest
    Here Magic PKG : http://www.fileserve.com/file/cnBgEwd

    Hope this can help

  9. #49
    spunkybunny Guest
    I would be better if you went to that page and got the link directly from it as its v1.0


    There isn't much that program can't do and it does just about all it can very well.

    except for decrypting 3.6* eboots as it doesn't have those keys

  10. #50
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Thanks for the links guys (although I doubt this program will help us, but who knows)

    Reporting in (Maybe someone had already done this and this is no big news, still, anyways):

    0. I studied Paradox's EBOOT from portal 2 from the links on the second post (http://www.mediafire.com/?dt9a3biyr4uzyyd)
    1. EBOOT.BIN supplied is fself (debug self?), 0x8000 maker at the 8th byte from the beginning.
    2. SCEverifyrefused to read eboot's info, said that it's "devkit file"
    3. readself gave next results:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Everything seems like fself, not compressed, seems like I was right few posts ago about the 80010009 error, seems like something similar to old good algo "3.41 to 3.55 manual patching" was used (decrypt self, copy unencrypted data to encrypted eboot, change headers to fself, change bits to "uncompressed")

    4. fail0verflow's Unself gave error "segmentation fault (core dumped)", here's a dump:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Parts of eboots, that were decrypted seems like junk.

    5. Tried unselfing in Magic PKG, it wrote "Decrypted successfully...", but this is BS, the output file is the same as above, there was an error, and eboot is the same junk as using fail0verflow's unself (checked md5).

    6. Deank's EBOOTMod gave the same results.

    CONCLUSION: EBOOT can't be decrypted.

    Seems like sections of EBOOT are ALREADY DECRYPTED like in old 3.55 to 3.41 patches.

    My guess, is TRUE BLUE payload switches PS3 to read fselfs/unencrypted data, just the same way as original 3.41 PSJailbreak done on PS3.
    But 3.55 kmeaw can't read those files without True Blue. Maybe we should makefself this eboot?

    Also, have anyone on 3.41 tested those releases? It may work if used creating pkg with "magic pkg's" "3 method (no edit)"

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