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    Guys, I'm dying to play Resistance 3 and Batman Arkham City. Two games that certainly deserve to be in top 5 eboots.

    I know they on BD-Rs, but is this really the reason to drag release so loong?

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    thanks very much... mctuna

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    thanks sir

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    Hiya folks

    I'm just getting around to installing the TB v2 firmware and the 2.5 update now. I just want to ask if anyone has any recommended set up procedure? Is it ok to go from Rebug>TB cfw2? Or is it flash back to ofw3.55 and then install?

    Any tips or tricks the people here have found will be much appreciated

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    You can go straight from rebug to V2. More safe is surely rebug > 3.41> V2.After , install 2.3 then 2.4 then 2.5 update. And you're done

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    Thanks Bart, I'm debating which of my ps3's to update

    I think I'll go with the TB cfw on my 60gb and keep my slim and my 40gb on 3.55 kmeaw

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    Uhm ye. Good idea, more usb ports. If a blue screen happens during a change of firmware, no panic. Use your downgrade dongle and you're done. But remember, you will need a 2.30 firmware. Then up to V2. Happens. I'm still investigating, i suppose all begins with QA.

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    Is there anyone who have some Rapidshare links for the game neverdead, i have of course the dongle and the eboot patch but i can find the game for download.


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