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    Hey chaps, seriously fed up of waiting for a hack, and i figured for the price, what the hell.

    Anyway is there possibly a way to download the entire collection of TB eboot patches in one go, without having to trawl through hundreds of pages?

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    A matter of hours, i suppose.

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    soul calibur V eboot TB has been released with 4 other...

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    these haven't even been pre'd yet, its pretty hilarious that TB would list them on their site, just to make everyone search for them... and they dont exist.

    There are no links, they haven't been released.. that is if they actually exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Here is another update, and as always I will add the related download links to this post when they are available etc...
    Any mirrors for these? The links don't seem to be working.

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    Seems was a mess from the uploader, now fired. Soon links will pop.

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    hi can anybody upload tb eboot patch thats new release like tekken hybrid and other 4?

    sorry 4 my bad english

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    Noone available yet.

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    No video files to fix the links within music files is.

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