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    The moment I see FFXIII-2 TB fix is the instant when I go for it

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    so do i tidus

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    Dec 2010
    Are you saying we can use self from TB-Patch as eboot.bin?? You need to be on RebugTB without a dongle?

    Or do we actually need a debug-update.pkg and get the self out of the eboot with npdrm?

    I'm on Rebug3.55.2 btw

    Thanks a lot

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    Yeah, you'd still need to wait for the announcement before you order it. The anticipation is killing me. But if you have the will power to hold off, sll the power to you!

    It also might be possible that the JPN True Blue eboot could be modded to work for the other regions. If that happens, I'll probably will as well.

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    thanks for the patches, waiting for more news, they are grateful to you

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    Oct 2011
    Hahahaha ^^

    Same here buddy, I though I will once Neptune MK2 or FFXIII-2 is fixed (>_<) That's why I'm still waiting for it

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    May 2010
    need help. child of eden get blank screen after start game... is there any fix ??

    and gundam versus extreme, after choose game from multiman, then app home, there is restarting again to xmb.

    thanks before.

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    Oct 2011
    Have you try it with BD game disk? After you choose the game from Multiman, insert any Original BD Game that you have and start the game from BD Game icon on XMB screen instead from app_home

    Some of TB game fix still need BD disk to play the game

    I hope this help

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    Child of Eden doesn't work. First TB eboot with troubles.

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    Assassins Creed Revelation TB Fix

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