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    Try to get other backup of this game. Maybe you got a wrong or corrupted file...

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    I'm downloading the first of the TB ISO releases and I got a BD burner but I don't have a TB dongle. Still gonna test out a few things when I get it.

    BTW its Sniper.Ghost.Warrior.READNFO.TB.PS3-BLUEPRINT

    [Release..]: Sniper.Ghost.Warrior.READNFO.TB.PS3-BLUEPRINT
    [Rars.....]: 89 x 50MB
    [File.Name]: bp-sgw.*
    [Size.....]: 4.12GB
    [Dongle...]: Required
    [Date.....]: 2012/01/18

    Now Before you shout dupe! from the roof tops, let us explain the situation. This is one of a series of 9 Titles Released by the TB Team which were only available for sale on disc, we have correctly repackaged this along with the other 8 titles they sold to be burnt with Blu-Ray Media, now obviously they are sized for DVD in some cases here, however we have not tested this media, so we cannot confirm or deny DVD media functioning correctly. Single / Double Layer BD Media will work fine.

    Now secondly, you might ask why wasnt a patch just released for the releases that are already produced. The answer is the disc security expects the contents to be on Disc and read via the Blu-Ray Drive in the PS3 Console, this isnt avoidable, and if it was you would be capable of re-writing there eboot patches which clearly no one is.

    In any event, your now able to enjoy those 9 Titles which previously were only available if you purchased them on special Blu-ray discs.

    Lastly, we want to be petty and say the recent post on ********* which claims to explain a proper way to dump these discs, is 100% incorrect, and if you read it your time has been wasted. they know nothing about this process, and they simply shouldn't make baseless accusations to the contrary.




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    hi, sorry I just need a clarification... with TB CFW and update it to v2.2... can I play games without the TB dongle ???

    Thanks in Advance

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    no. wait, actually depends on what games. anybody above 3.56, then no.

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    any game that requires the TB CFW, requires the dongle as well. also, the CFW is V2 the dongle is up to V2.4

    just for clarification.

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    thanks flysociety666 for respond.

    you mean any games need above 3.56 will not run ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flysociety666 View Post
    no. wait, actually depends on what games. anybody above 3.56, then no.
    Actually, most all the 3.56 games have an eboot fix in 3.55 for them and do not require trueblue at all.

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    Spunky.. is this a repack, the original release had 3 corrupt rar files?

    Game : Batman Arkham City
    Genre : Action / Adventure / Beat'em All
    Language : French (English need confirmed but id US...)
    Format : ISO
    Size : 8,07 Go (10 x 750mb + 1 x 570,63mb)
    Size of the iso after extraction : 7,88 Go
    ID : BLUS-30538
    Release : Batman.Arkham.City.ISO.TB.By.Ps3Gunz

    Part 01 :
    Part 02 :
    Part 03 :
    Part 04 :
    Part 05 :
    Part 06 :
    Part 07 :
    Part 08 :
    Part 09 :
    Part 10 :
    Part 11 :

    Batman Arkham City - EBOOT.BIN Blu-ray Special TB:

    1) Launch your PS3 with TrueBlue connected
    2) Insert the TB Blu-Ray game and wait for the appearance in the XMB
    3) Now launch Multiman in filemanager (START+SELECT)
    4) Go to "dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR" and copy the EBOOT.BIN

    Respect the order and you will have access has "dev_bdvd" but you cannot copy all the game but only some files (eboot, param = the most importing) but If you do not respect the order you will have no access has "dev_bdvd"

    I know that it seems too simple to be true but it works.

    The games is the ISO format and results from the dump of my Blu-ray TrueBlue with GraVoX method.

    is released in ISO format, to be burned to blu-ray. still no confirmation as to whether these releases actually work. As of yet, no one has posted they got these ISOs burned and working.

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    i'm sure i heard it was ghost warrior that had 3 corrupt or missing rars

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