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    Angelcry Guest
    Where are all the new releases like fifa, pes, batman, spiderman, resistance? Are they even thinking of releasing them ?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Those who can't follow the rules will continue to see your posts removed and receive infractions.. if you aren't posting TB scene release links or discussing them don't post in this thread.

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    animeloverzz Guest

    Tales of Xillia freeze

    I'm using true blue cfw, Tales of Xillia is working fine until I'm about to face a particular boss and the game always freeze on that part no matter how many times I retry it.

    I'm confused now can anyone help me if anyone may know the problem lies in my ps3 or something? My ps3 is 40GB FAT.

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    badurally Guest


    thanks a lot...

  5. #395
    paintball Guest
    I'm running TB v2.4, getting black screen with cod mw3

  6. #396
    Angelcry Guest
    It's working fine for me. Make sure you have this version: Call.of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.3.PROPER.PS3-DUPLEX and it should work.

  7. #397
    k9inpoop Guest
    does region of the games really matter for the patches to work?

  8. #398
    paintball Guest
    Thanks, will get the duplex version.

  9. #399
    mikep2506 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by k9inpoop View Post
    does region of the games really matter for the patches to work?
    Only certain ones...

  10. #400
    Bartholomy Guest
    99.99% of eboots will load on both, EU or USA. Don't overwrite param.sfo, leave it modify by MM. I suppose either JAP eboots, when a japanese game will be released as USA, will load

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