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  1. #381
    mikep2506 Guest
    Though it wouldn't hurt, you don't need that update to play those particular games.

  2. #382
    Erz Guest
    Hahaha ^^ I know, but just in case

    Say, when you replace the Original Eboot with TB Eboot fix, do you also change the param.sfo?

    If yes then, try to replace the Original Eboot only and let Multiman to change the Param.sfo...

    I hope this help

  3. #383
    mikep2506 Guest
    Are you using an actual blu ray disc. Or just a ps3 dvd game. Dunno if that does conflict but... worth a shot if its just a dvd ps3 game.

  4. #384
    user105 Guest
    Thank you all for helping. My TB is updated to 2.4 and I am using the original game disc to play. I only replace the eboot and let multiman change the param sfo file. some of the eboot work for me such as Portal 2, Rage, R&C ALL4one, skyrim.

    lately, I try some games such as Body Count, Dragon Ball Z, Dungeon Siege, mordern warfare and they all don't work. I try reinstall the 3.55 TB firmware today but its still the same. I try loading it from external and internal. doesn't help..

  5. #385
    Erz Guest
    That's really strange, because my friend can play TB game just fine (Atelier Meruru, Saint Seiya, Tales of Xillia Shadow of the Damned etc) And yesterday he just FTP game like Sengoku Basara 3 Samurai Heroes and Ninja Gaiden Sigma2, and play it just fine too...

    Hm... Try this = in Multiman XMB-Like-Screen, press Triangle, you will see a few option on your Right, Select "Game Setting"
    You will see a few option like Copy, Delete, Rename, Update, Test and Permission.

    Under Lower Left, you can see Game Cover with a few option to choose. Try to un-check ALL option around it. Back to XMB-Like-Screen and choose the game you want to play (Press X), let Multiman change the Param.sfo for you (if there's any) After you back to the REAL XMB, insert your game disk and choose to play it from BD icon.

    Another add =
    1. Make sure that the game you want to play is Fixed/ Patched (especially the EBOOT)
    2. If possible, try to play it from Internal HDD
    3. And just in case, make sure that the Game Data you have is not corrupted, if yes then try to download it from another source.

    This is all I can tell, I really hope this will help. But if not, please forgive me
    I know there is someone in here can do better than me to help you

  6. #386
    mikep2506 Guest
    I remember reading that mw3 (not sure about others) has to be a certain copy that works. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 PROPER PS3-DUPLEX <-- (This version)

  7. #387
    tegoja Guest
    where are the promised new eboots?

  8. #388
    wyldstallyn Guest
    They're on a "they'll come when they come, so don't ask" schedule right now. Sorry its not better news.

    Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk.

  9. #389
    o0osindo0o Guest
    I think anybody should ask. I don't understand why they talk that way.

    And what schedule you are talking about they already released one BIG NAME but in BD (Ace Combat Assault Horizon)?

  10. #390
    j0h4n Guest
    when new eboot tb will came? i hope they will release new eboot as soon as possible. we were still waiting for it..

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