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    that's what I'm sayin, kind sir.

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    are you talking about this?

    [TBPre] 12 Games Are Coming Soon This Weekend Starting Today
    [TBPre] With Some Good Goodies for New Updates
    [TBPre] Who Wants BatMan Eboot
    [TBPre] Coming Soon !!!!
    [TBPre] Fifa 12 IS Coming Soon
    [TBPre] Start The Party coming soon
    [TBPre] Then A BIG Big Update for the Dongle ..Will Blow them all Away to Everyone
    [TBPre] No One Has Yet with CFW,DONGLES, SO on
    [TBPre] The New Update is Very Big .. It was In Testing For A Month..
    [TBPre] Sony Didnt Even Stop it Yet , Bc They Dont Know
    [TBPre] True-Blue Team Got the Keys to 4.0
    [TBPre] There Will Be A new FirmWare Update Also
    [TBPre] [ PRE ] [ PS3 ] [ NHL_12_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_PS3-PARADOX ]
    [TBPre] [ PRE ] [ PS3 ] [ Dead_Rising_2_Off_The_Record_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_PS3-PARADOX ]

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    Yeah when is that going down

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    hopefully soon. I see it coming out before January's over.

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    TB Team SuckS. I'm from EGYPT and finally there is no PES2012 , FIFA 2012 , RESISTANCE 3 , BATMAN ARKHAM CITY , SPIDER MAN EDGE OF TIME and many more.

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    Just a quick reminder guys, please keep this thread for TB releases discussion only... Thanks!

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    Still waiting...

    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    From what I read, the remaining releases from the bunch are supposed to surface this week through New Year's day. They will be added to this thread as they are available, etc.
    what time?

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    hey guys. Is there any news make me happy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oki7 View Post
    what time?
    There was no exact time... also they keep changing it with the latest being early next week now so honestly trying to guess is a waste of time at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by o0osindo0o View Post
    hey guys. Is there any news make me happy?
    We are in 2012 !! isn't a good news ?!

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