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    Sep 2009

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    I wish to make the PARADOX eboot fix to play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, please !!

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    Please release the fix Eboot PES 2012 and Batman.

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    Is this our X-Mas present!! i also want batman, pes2012 and deffenetly ressistance 3. i want a better xmas gift from paradox!!!

    maybe for new year...

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    Jul 2008
    Uhmm... they already out ?

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    they're out, but only if you get the "special BD-R" versions that originally released with the dongle. No eboot fixes for those who don't intend on getting those discs... unless I am mistaken.

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    For those who got the BD game PES 2012 for True Blue, please copy the EBOOT. bin that comes in the BD game. Then I downloaded the PES 2012 and replace the Eboot.bin, and try running the game with True Blue without special media.

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    pretty sure that doesn't work... I think in those instances there was something about the discs themselves and not just the eboot that made them work... otherwise (with these highly desired games) someone would have done that already...

    also, remember, some of these TB patches aren't just to the eboot, but some .prx's as well.

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    grrrrr. i want my skyrim eboot for regular cfw already. this is like the most highly desired game of the year, and its killin me that i can't play it. i don't understand why this hasn't been fixed yet.

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    Jul 2008
    Yea i also want to play a lot of games. I haven't touched a game for nearly one year. I'm turky But if you such want a game why then you don't get it ? Is a game like Skyrim not worth to buy it ?

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