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    So now we are just waiting for the dongle dumb to be incorporated into a CFW?

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    We hope so but the way to that is still so long !! wait & see

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    I really want to see the PES 2012 version !! hope the free solution is in progress.

    All thanks to the paradox team.
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    True Blue does NOT count as CFW... so this is false advertising.

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    Heh, agreed... hopefully when a free solution comes it will be on real scene (non-profit) CFW indeed.

    I will admit I'm surprised to see PARADOX release these TB titles though, I wouldn't think CitizenX of PARADOX (aka xorloser) would be supporting a paid hacking device vs a free open-source scene alternative.

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    Well when I first saw them I though they were just some more 3.55 CFW fixes, I won't be buying a dongle any time soon though, the last time I bought a dongle CFW was realesed like 1-2 months after.

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    Hah, good ol days when I patched my ps3 with my iphone.

    Too bad my iphone has been failing ever since.

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    Agreed, in my opinion dongles are antiquated with the advent of PS3 Custom Firmware, but if people want to waste their money on them instead of waiting a month or so for a free solution to arrive that is up to them pretty much.

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    this is not the PARADOX that I known this years, I highly doubt that they released something with this.

    it could be someone just renamed it with PARADOX alias with those fixes.

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    more n more 'scene player' support this True Blue baby.. wow.. what is going on.. lol

    i got to learn to code psn enabler that only work with this dongle, than True Blue will be ultimate..


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