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  1. #251
    Ezio Guest
    I hope we'll see soon cheaper jb2 clones (chinese clones?) on the market and after a free solution for all users.

    Boss, keep us updated!

  2. #252
    2007aam Guest


    forgive my ignorance, but if a OFW 4.1 and 4.0 with a CFW they would launch a 4.0 True Blue for future games with version 4.1 etc...

  3. #253
    NTA Guest
    We'll have to see lol. Not sure about that

  4. #254
    Bartholomy Guest
    It's not a matter of TB with 4.0 CFW. What's important is 4.0 games will load. Like FFXIII-2, yes. (As much i think will be a 3.70 eboot)

  5. #255
    x7007 Guest
    What about Ace.Combat.Assault.Horizon.PS3-DUPLEX, is it possible to play with TB ? I want this

  6. #256
    Erz Guest
    Ah, I remember that FF XIII-2 will be released on this day in Japan.

    If TB Dongle can play FF XIII-2, then I'll be sure to get it

  7. #257
    Bartholomy Guest
    Yup, with new special ps3, lighting v2

  8. #258
    HeyManHRU Guest

  9. #259
    landon Guest
    Thanks HeyManHRU, is this new game's eboots ?

  10. #260
    Bartholomy Guest

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