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    Agree 100%. Waste of time trying to explain something obvious

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    Saint Seiya Senki JPN PS3 NRP - BLJS10152:



    Deposit Files:



    Eboot Fix - (scroll down a bit and you'll see it ).

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    Those are the kind of links i love. If every game was linked like this Great work bro

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    Can you link free user multiupload links for White knight Chronicles 2? Nearly impossible to find, and eternal one by one, damned huge game (if and when you find some links)

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    Hi all,

    As of now I'm holding out on one of these... but I'm wondering if having one effects kmeaw in any way? other than the supported patched games. does it mess with any homebrew, reactpsn etc? is it better to switch to rebug for any reason?

    thanks in advance.

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    going to check this out

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    It would be interesting to see this working with 4.00 FW games, IMO FFXIII-2 will be with this FW

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    If there is a cfw 4.0, True blue will be updated to run this CFW4.0? and will also launch a 4.0 cfw true blue?

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    Well I would imagine that the True Blue dongle would make their dongle compatible with 4.00 CFW (if there ever happens to be one that is). But if there was a 4.00 CFW the True Blue dongle would be useless since you would be able to already play all new games.

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