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Thread: PS3 JailBreak 2 (JB2) / True Blue (TB) CFW PARADOX Game Releases

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    Ezio Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by landon View Post
    Thanks for this supposition, but this give me an other question, could they launch non-signed code on debug PS3 in firmware 3.60+ ??!
    Yes, of course.

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    lele0o0o Guest
    NBA 2K12




    PORTAL 2


    DIRT 3


    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


    The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
    single link

    Saint Seiya Senki JPN


    fixed eboot

    Call of Juarez The Cartel {re uploaded}

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    4DoorITR Guest
    I really can't believe this eboot has made it this far. I feel sorry for those of you naive to think True Blue is a step forward. I mean here we are, back to using a dongle again. The almighty dollar is the only thing this scene cares about.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    What are you waiting, a dev going to a tribunal for release for free something for your fun? Lol. forget it

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    Venus Guest



    i dont have yet an TB. R&C ALL 4 One i can't play without an TB on CWF 3.55 right?

    Then i have the Game Bejeweled 3, but i cant start it. Need this also?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    If you want to check what is free and what need a tb, check TB releases thread and Duplex thread, so you can figure out.

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    Venus Guest
    Sorry, but my english is not so good, and i don't find the Threads.

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    Bartholomy Guest

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    4DoorITR Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bartholomy View Post
    What are you waiting, a dev going to a tribunal for release for free something for your fun? Lol. forget it
    Your reply makes no sense. But I will say to this is that yes I will keep waiting because I know there is a much better solution then this crap. I'm not falling for another dongle that will be useless a month after I begin using it. Especially not one where I have to mess around patching games just like on a PC. No thanks, not wasting my money.

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    While the Admins of this site agree with 4DoorITR and PS3 Devs such as KaKaRoToKS (!/KaKaRoToKS/status/144612386341531648) and CrashSerious (!/psx_scene/status/145193581873864704) on the TB, let's try to keep this thread on topic for posting links to the EBOOTs/Games and the related compatibility discussion.

    KaKaRoToKS: As far as I understand it, the hate for TB is because what they achieved was to decrypt newer npdrm games and what they did is they patch the games to check for the TB dongle or quit.

    The TB dongle does *NOTHING* other than a DRM that is completely not needed. The torrent releases that are "TB compatible" just means that they added the DRM check that prevents them from running if you didn't buy a TB dongle. That's not any kind of help to the scene and it's people getting paid by promotong piracy.

    CrashSerious: I can say that we don't like the disease that Cobra pushes with their Cobra and Cobra True Blue DRM replacement dongles. Ironically, they replace one DRM with another-- in the process, stealing from those in the scene that did the work in the first place. Cobra offered some features that were new initially, but did so on the backs of the people before them. They made money off these people, like graf and others, and maintain no known public or private link to the scene. We find it interesting that even Cobra does not come out and claim responsibility for the Cobra True Blue dongle, but simple analysis points directly to them.

    The Cobra True Blue Dongle seems to only promote theft, yet could have valid uses for those who wish to buy and play newer games on their <3.56 FW Consoles. Yet they have chosen NOT to give back to the scene, by implementing their own Cobra TB Encrypted Eboots, when keys for 3.55 and below are already known and useable by all jailbroken consoles. They have therefore instead chosen to profit from a situation that we all have been placed in by Sony's initial choice to remove otherOS and prohibit true homebrew applications in the name of "preventing piracy".

    Additionally, the Cobra True Blue dongle took this one step farther by selling these Cobra TB disks-- a clear violation of copyright and a threat to all of us wanting homebrew on future systems.
    Also from EussNL via IRC on TB: Trueblue resigns Debug fself's and patches appldr to enable encrypted debug selfs (with their key)

    My guess is it won't be long until less expensive clones surface (JB2 cloners contacted us) followed by a free scene solution once there is nobody left for Max Louarn and Paul Owen ( to 'sell' their useless Cobra and True Blue DRM code to anyway through scammer Gary Wayne Bowser aka GaryOPA (, the same thing that happened with PSJB and PSDowngrade.

    Update: Some details from CrashSerious on Operation: Mongoose via:

    Now that 2011 is over, in your opinion what was the biggest advancement made in the PS3 scene?

    In 2011, without a doubt it was the PS3MFW builder. An easy to use tool for people to make their own Modified Firmware! Heck, even Cobra/True blue uses it. (psst, by the way vermin @ Cobra/True Blue--- they can tell you do use it. And releasing the PUPs is a direct violation of both Sony’s copyrights and the GPL license PS3MFW was released under since you aren’t sharing back to the community the patches you make for it to modify the PUPS. That’s ok though, we’re coming for you.)

    As a follow up to the previous question what if anything in your opinion was the biggest detriment to the scene? Was there anything in particular that you feel held the scene back or stifled creativity?

    We think the Cobra/True Blue dongles that exchange one DRM for another are holding the scene back. Also, that the cobra/tb firmware is crippled to make sure people no longer have control of their ps3. Lastly, these guys take code freely given to the scene and with very little to no modifications and take the scene backwards to where users have to use their dongles to get the features. News flash for everyone: There is no reason they need you to use a dongle other than the fact that they can’t sell you an idea or a patch to the PUP… and in the True Blue dongle’s case--- they can’t sell you the stolen debug eboots.

    On that note, I can say that the last two entries are being used for Cobra Dongles for the group. With a little left over for the possibility that we brick a dongle… and we plan to since they brick themselves when you hack the PS3 and they notice you have modified it to get at LV2 patches.

    So “Operation:Mongoose” is under way and we are making progress we can recover a bricked dongle at this point which was the first priority. Like unsig, I think that the unbrick process is something most people would be unwilling to undertake because it requires quite a bit of hardware, but we will release EVERYTHING for the cobra dongle when we have it, or as it seems appropriate. However, the unbricking is only a small part of the work that is needed to be done. As we find things, you’ll see it put in the wiki.

    For now, we’ll leave the Cobra/TB dingle making vermin with this message:

    0x10 0xC3 0x64 0xCD 0x0C 0xCE 0xD1 0x5B 0xF8 0xB4 0xDE 0xEB 0x71 0x21 0xE3 0xA3 0x74 0x4B 0xA0 0x2F 0x5F 0xF6 0xCD 0xD5 0xA7 0x97 0x4F 0xA3 0xCD 0xF3 0x0A 0xD7 0xE0 0x55 0xAE 0x28 …
    0xE2 0x60 0x74 0x77 0x36 0x56 0x10 0x03 0xE2 0x60 0x74 0x77 0x36 0x56 0x10 0x03 0xE2 0x60 0x74 0x77 0x36 0x56 0x10 0x03 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF…

    We’re coming for you…

    0x09 0x02 0x12 0x00 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x80 0xFA 0x09 0x04 0x00 0x00 0x00 0xFE 0x01 0x02 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0xFA 0xCE 0xB0 0x03 0xAA 0xBB 0xCC …
    … 0xEB 0x3B 0x01 0xF7 0x6F 0xA9 0xCF 0x3C 0xB6 0xEB 0x89 0x82 0x7D 0xE6 0x7D 0x3B

    Reversing you would only enable piracy, but since everything we wiki will apply to you… we’re sure someone will get you too.

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