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  1. #221
    landon Guest
    Thanks for this supposition, but this give me an other question, could they launch non-signed code on debug PS3 in firmware 3.60+ ??!

  2. #222
    user105 Guest
    It works. Just put the eboot and leave the param untouched. Thanks a lot.

  3. #223
    lele0o0o Guest

  4. #224
    Bartholomy Guest
    Free user? Awesome. (except 5gb links)

  5. #225
    romhunter Guest


    There is Monkey_Island_Special_Edition_Collection_PS3-iCON True Blue Patch? Thanks

  6. #226
    lele0o0o Guest

  7. #227
    mikymax972 Guest
    someone can post the link for saint seiya senki? i find the eboot but not the game

  8. #228
    Bartholomy Guest

  9. #229
    user105 Guest
    has anyone try the Dungeon_Siege_3 fix? the param file game id was for Disgaea 3 not Dungeon_Siege_3.

    wonder if the eboot was correct??

  10. #230
    Bartholomy Guest
    Who cares of param? Eboot make games work, not param.

    External no disc works, too.

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