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    lele0o0o Guest

  2. #12
    Bartholomy Guest
    I want Skyrim too

  3. #13
    landon Guest
    go go go !! keep us updated with your tests, don't forget to tell us whare are the difference between those releases & the original dumps if you see any difference of size !!

    please update the eboot to us here or try the eboot alone with an other normal dump not using the PARADIX one !! that will help the scene.

    Thanks in adavance

  4. #14
    kombat75 Guest
    Just wait and see the upcoming 30 games.. I myself also cannot wait for new games

  5. #15
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    True Blue is kinda CFW/Dongle methods, so yeah, maybe a mistaken word. And +Rep for Bartholomy for posting it already earlier.

  6. #16
    landon Guest
    Here is the new TrueBlue eboot for Dirt 3 !!


  7. #17
    barrybarryk Guest
    If they had more working games or bigger name games working they would be publishing videos and proof all over the place because it would help them sell more dongles.

  8. #18
    landon Guest
    It seems that there is an other file wich is different than the original one !! that what i read guys, keep us updated with your tests !!

    hope we'll see a free solution for the 56 games announced by the TrueBlue Team that will be the best surprise ever at this year

  9. #19
    lele0o0o Guest

  10. #20
    Bartholomy Guest
    Hard to wait, huh? All, now, all together, and free why not? Gosh, modern society

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