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    i'm new to this could someone explain to me how to patch rage as earlier patches were just one eboot bin where as the new paradox patches are multiple file and i'm completely lost on how to get them working on true blue.

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    You would do the following for Rage, as an example, below:

    1) Grab the Rage TB Fix from:
    2) Unpack the pdx-raep.001, pdx-raep.002 and pdx-raep.003 files using WinRAR ( or similar app
    3) Follow the included NFO instructions:

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    So, you would grab the Rage.READ.NFO.PS3-CHARGED release (or your own rip) and then replace / swap out the included files: PS3_GAME > PARAM.SFO and PS3_GAME > USRDIR > EBOOT.BIN

    Alternatively, you could just grab the pre-patched release: Rage_WORKING_TB_READ_NFO_PS3-PARADOX

    Also to save almost 7GB of space when rebuilding Rage, you can delete the following:

    entire mp (multiplayer) folder

    USRDIR/base/(language).streamed files that aren't your languages (NOT stream.resources)

    USRDIR/base/video/loadvideo_french.bik (if not needed)

    Example video via YouTube is below:

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    Uhm, anyone found eur version of Saints Row? I found just the usa one

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    does the patch only work with eur one ?

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    Sadly yes

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    Super_Street_Fighter_IV_Arcade_Edition_TB_PS3_INTE RNAL-PARADiSO

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    Deposit Files:


    Fix for non TB users here. If you want to just download the Eboot.bin patch (for TB users) click here.

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    it looks like it's time for me to look into a True Blue dongle.

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    LOL why?

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    as much as I have faith in the PS3 scene, I honestly don't see a 3.60+ firmware in a while, nor do I see any patches/or the keys being found. especially since the ones who found them don't want to share them or they rather make a cfw that's basically pointless.

    but I do have faith and things may change.

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