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    PS3 Game Mods for CFW Repository

    Here is a thread where you can search for game mods and also share your own, even if it is as little as video mod for a .BIK file. You can also share other people's mods if it isn't already here but make sure to credit the user behind the mod.

    Use "CTRL" + "F" to search for a game or mod since this thread is so big.

    It is recommended you backup the game before you attempt to apply any mods in case something goes wrong.

    Burnout Crash! (PSN) from dekofi

    Are you ready for easy 5 stars levels ? I've already tested some levels modded by me. Big bucks & easy five stars. Only few adjustments to levels left. Only little skill needed to full finish whole game. Here's link for you:


    Unpack & Copy files to /dev_hdd0/game/ folder
    Remember to backup your old files. On some intersections you will need. Specially for 2nd and 4th to get star for blow up sports car.

    Levels modified to get highest $$$ by blowing up Gold Cars!

    Demon's Souls (For BLUS version only):

    Credits to Omnomnom, crustybread1111 and Inaudax for the following patches.

    "God" mode - 3.41 _ / 3.55 _

    Full description:
    Enemies don't harm you AND souls are maxed out at 999,999,999 AND they never run out. [seriously overpowered].

    AI is turned off and you have max souls - 3.41 _ / 3.55 _

    Install the .PKG file as standard, and move your usrdir files to hdd0/DMS_GAME/usrdir

    Grand Theft Auto IV (4) mods (For both version, BLES and BLUS):
    Remember to delete your game data before you attempt to play a modded GTA 4.

    GTA IV WARZ (credits to Nativesith and JDMAlex) or torrent it - /


    God Mode + Weapons = Button Stick Left + Button Stick Right // Good for when you get arrested allows you to get god mode back

    Super Speed ON = Button Stick Left + R1
    Super Speed OFF = Button Stick Left + R2

    Clear Wanted = Button Stick Right + L1

    Player Gravity ON = R1+L2
    Player Gravity OFF = L1+R2

    Ragdoll = L1 (use with gravity to move)


    Componentpeds.img goes in
    Script.img goes in

    nativesith's mod pack -

    • New sexy loading screens.
    • Pause Menu with Old English Font
    • New HUD
    • Exotic Cars and Bikes Take No Damage
    • Screen goes Red and Black when Niko Dies.
    • Many PC textures imported to Ps3!
    • Reality IV Visual PC Mod
    • Niko has new Clothes and beard
    • Highlighted Weapon Icons
    • In Car as one of Camera modes
    • No Cops at Airport (EvilB's)
    • No Non-Colored Radio Icons
    • My Handling Settings
    • Latest Importing W/ No Helis or Boats!
    • BloodyFX!!
    • Colored Blips!
    • This mod will not freeze at Dardan Mission , Please let me know if it freezes on you.
    • Meant to be used with Evil B's qeens_e.img (The Evil Blunt Airport!)

    Common and Ps3.rpf go in BLUS30127/Ps3_Game/USRDIR/
    Vehicle and weapon.img go in BLUS30127/PS3_Game/USRDIR/ps3/models/cdimages

    Download this ( "PS3.rpf" file if you want animated loading screen and don't want niko's beard.

    Evil B's mod pack -


    • Can only add 23 cars to the vehicles.ide anymore and the game will loop on menu the limits about 150 cars, i've added 23 already, if you want to pick and choose which ones you want spawning i've added a text file with all eflc car ids.
    • Added default handling line for every car and Realistic Handling 1.2 By Killatomate, at the airport about 170 car heli spawns some are eflc cars not all of em missing hashes for some mainly lost and damned cars bikes.
    • Boat spawns and the secret island way down south of the airport.
    • Vehicles Spawning: apc, avan, buffalo, bullet, caddy, f620, gburrito, pbus, police4, rhapsody, schafter2, serrano2, slamvan, superd2, tampa, towtruck, bati2, hakuchou2, policeb, buzzard, swift, smuggler and floater.
    • Modded maps


    Open your common.rpf with openiv or sparkiv ( and replace all .dat american.gxt and images.txt with ones ive included in the archive rebuild and place common.rpf in PS3_GAME\USRDIR\
    vehicles.img and eflcvehicles.img goes in PS3_GAME\USRDIR\ps3\models\cdimages
    queense.img goes in PS3_GAME\USRDIR\ps3\data\maps\east

    For the maps:

    Open ps3.rpf in openiv ( and add the folder mods to /data/maps rebuild rpf close it
    Now open your common.rpf and find file gta.dat extract to desktop and open with notepad and add these lines

    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/airportstuntpark.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/derbyplaza.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/discoloop.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/slipnslideempirestate.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/roadstoheavenv3.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/robatoremapmods.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod1.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod2.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod3.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod4.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod5.ipl
    IPL platform:/data/maps/mods/da420driftteammod6.ipl

    Save and replace back in common.rpf rebuild and your ready to play, just place your common ps3 rpfs back in PS3_GAME\USDIR no need to clear game install data when editing .rpf

    Channel mods:

    Replace the files in BLUS30127/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ps3/movies

    New Looney Tunes episode entitled "Off Duty Cop" (nativesith) -
    Black Eyed Peas "Rock your Body" (nativesith) -
    Nicki Minaj "Stupid Hoe" (nativesith) -
    Pitbull ft Sensato "Latinos In Paris (nativesith) -
    WcW (wrestling) footage (HeyManHRU) -

    Just Cause 2 (For both version, BLES and BLUS):
    Credits to establi, SKINS, LIOX and others from for the following mods,

    The following mods are only compatible with the 1.02 update so you can download it from here (
    Create a folder named "dropzone" in "/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/" and move the contents of the mod to that folder and the mod should work. (Video tutorial here -


    Green Lantern -
    Venom Spiderman -
    Kick ass -
    Dr. Manhattan -
    Ironman -
    John Marston (RDR) -
    Zhangsun -
    Sicinius -
    Razman -
    Karl Blaine -
    Crysis game -
    Spiderman -
    Ninja -
    Sheldon -

    First person view (Original Mod by Kaii) -

    Invisible weapons -

    Oblivion (For both version, BLES and BLUS):
    (Credits to 950931alonso for porting the mods from the PC version to the PS3 version and credits to the original modders)

    Oblivion PS3 Mods -

    • Midas Spells of Aurum 0995
    • Shadowcreek Vineyard
    • Waldelf Modified Jungles Nude Spell + Female EyeCandy Body Raplacer 1.0 and Eshmes Bodies v2


    Download this file for the tutorial -

    WWE Legends of Wrestlemania (For both version, BLES and BLUS):

    Randy Savage (Macho Man) -

    Installation - Move this to the "titantrons" folder in the "movies" folder located in the USRDIR

    WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (For BLUS version only):

    Mozzer0's mod packs, all 4 mod packs in one .rar file (credits to Def Dave 7 from the - http://www.thewrestlinglegendsforum....ds/Mozzer0.rar

    So much more wrestlers like Bret Hart and Jeff Hardy.
    A lot of alternative attires for wrestlers like The Rock and Chris Jericho.

    Watch this video - or use the "readme" file in the download for instructions.

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    Should get some oblivion ones

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    I just added some now , I would have added a lot more mods for a lot of other games but because of what is happening with all those file-hosting sites it's very hard to do so.

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    It will be amazing to have a mod for fifa 13 where we can have the players fly like in shaolin soccer or make them play in funny costumes.. or play soccer in the sky... just saying

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