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    Member Mesutg's Avatar
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    more stable then Rogers, then he's gona release he's stable one tomorrow becuz of this haha

    Is the Demo bug fixed ? is the Category bug fixed ?
    Last edited by Mesutg; 11-04-2012 at 03:02 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Well, that is what HDMadness claims anyway.. until people with flashers give it a try and report back there isn't much feedback to go on although it definitely doesn't have as many features as Rebug's yet that's for certain.

    It would be nice if this PS3 CFW at least gets to a point where flashers aren't a requirement though, only time will tell for sure... as far as I know the demo bug is fixed, not sure on the category bug in v1.1 but I know it's being worked on if not.

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    if the Demo bug is fixed & the category bug, then this is worth it! but i don't seem to get why he didn't use the FW 4.31. The Files are the same as far as i get it?

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    My only thought is perhaps the same reason Rebug did 4.21 because it's what they were working on all along so he stuck to 4.30. I can ask him the next time he e-mails us though sure, but if the files are the same as you say then that's a good question indeed.

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    very misleading title, just put 3.55 FW only then 4.30CFW

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    Unfortunately I disagree, and since I'm the one taking the time to write the articles you are SOL. If you'd like to write, by all means have at it and we'll promote yours instead saving me countless hours each day.

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    Why not all devs work together? They want all the same. Each good dev knows what "divide and conquer" means.

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    I totally agree, if all dev's and hackers worked together they would make way more progress.

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    Is this the new kmeaw!

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    hahah i was right, Rogero updates his CEX v4.30 CFW release to v1.02.


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