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Thread: PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 - Untested Custom Firmware Surfaces?

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    Davidh124 Guest
    hey guy i'm new to ps3 cfw scene so just to clarify to update to this cfw i have to downgrade to either 3.55 cfw or 3.55 ofw, and also anyone know if this one actually works any better than the other two cfw as i dont want to mess my ps3 up.

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    albatawy Guest
    david124 don't install this CFW, untested and untrustworthy yet. Rogero 4.30 is your best option so far.. so what are you waiting for.

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    Davidh124 Guest
    ok thanks for the advice albatawy, so i do have to downgrade first then... and out of curiosity how long does it take roughly ?

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    merlin667 Guest
    Doing the upgrade from 3.55 to 4.30 CFW needs about 30 mins. downgrade with E3 or something similar: i have no clue. but would expect also like 30 mins or so.

    Was doing the upgrade from 3.55 KMEAW to 4.30 Rebug some days ago, just take the time you need and read the TUT's properly (otherwise you could easily mess up your PS3, especially after downgrading).

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    BluRay Guest
    albatawy, this has been tested and It works.

    Davidh124: Hardware flashers can be very complex for end users with no soldering skills, my best advice is, do some search on your own. If you're uncapable of doing that then you shouldn't be getting a flasher in the first place, most things already have been answered in this forum, learn the basics first before considering getting one. If you feel like you can't do It yourself, there are people go can do the service for you, thats a cheaper and safer alternative.

    merlin667: 30 minutes? It takes 3 minutes to install a new FW...

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    NTA Guest
    3.55 Isn't the best option until the kinks are fully worked out of the more updated cfw?

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    OK here is another update: HDMadness sent me the next version ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.1 but asked if someone else here with a flasher can test it first before I post the link on the forum as his normal beta testers are unavailable at the moment.

    If anyone with a flasher is interested in helping us out, reply and I will PM ya the link to give a whirl! It should have the XMB bug and other small bugs fixed now according to him

    Update: It has now been tested, and he is going to release it tomorrow he said.

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    G Sus Guest
    UPDATE : After spending 2 days trying to recover data from the hardrive (unsuccessfully) I have connected a second 1tb harddrive to the ps3 and loaded games back onto it. (original HD is working again. but didn't want to use it) All was working fine. I then played a few games and all was still working fine.

    then i played assassins creed 3 (backed up from disk) , all was still working perfectly although boot times was slow in this one. i turned off my ps3 and watched red Dwarf (comedy tv show) when i turned my ps3 back on, harddrive not detected i connected harddrive to pc again to see what going on, and the MBR is missing again.

    2 separate harddrives , same problem , same ps3. conclusion. my ps3 is destroying MBR of Harddisks.

    Ps3 slim 500gig int. 1tb ext. E3 4.30 CFW. Is this problem caused by the broken Lv0 chain that HDMadness is refering too, and has anyone else had any problems similar?

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    haze67 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by XBINX Cyro View Post
    Also note.. A lot of ofw bricks are due to poor routers dropping connection during an update, ie unstable wireless network.
    maybe someone already posted about it but if people are NOT checking the MD5 checksum of those CFW and flash away... dude.. seriously? lol

    anyways... a nifty little freeware app "HashTab" is the easiest of all, install it and rightclick on any FILE e.g the CFW and check the "Checksums" tab on top, never a corrupt file install this way:

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    PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.1 - Cinavia Disabled, Flasher Users Only

    Several days ago we received word from a PlayStation 3 developer known as HDMadness of his PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 Custom Firmware, which has since been tested, updated again and retested and now on version 1.1 with several bug fixes and Cinavia protection disabled for those with PS3 Hardware Flashers only.

    Warning: Although tested, it is still advised that only users with PlayStation 3 Hardware Flashers attempt to install this PS3 Custom Firmware or you may end up bricking your PS3 console!

    Download: ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.1.rar / ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.1.rar (Mirror)

    PUP MD5: 198CA3EA016EA5855988D40F158E1F13

    From the included ReadMe File: ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.1
    • More Stable than any other 4.30 CFW out there (Tested with numerous PS3, slim and phat models)
    • Can run games signed with Keys up to 4.30 without any patching needed
    • PSN enabled
    • Cinavia protection disabled

    Changes since 1.0:
    • Some bugs fixed (including the ingame XMB bug) and improved overall stability
    • Cinavia protection disabled

    *You need to be on 3.55 CFW or OFW to install this CFW. After downgrading please install and run toggle_qa.pkg on your PS3 before upgrading to the new version.

    Use exactly the same precautions on upgrading/downgrading used on other CFWs to avoid any complication. Enjoy!

    Finally, if you do not have a PS3 Hardware Flasher some other (perhaps safer?) PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware options include Rebug 3.55.3 / 4.21.1 PS3 CFW REX Editions and Rogero CEX 4.30 CFW v1.00 PS3 Custom Firmware. Below is the ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 PoC demo video for those who missed it:

    Also below is a new video demonstrating PS3 CFW 4.30 ErmaC running some PS3 games:

    [imglink=|PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.1 - Cinavia Disabled, Flasher Users Only][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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