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  1. #231
    runtimmy Guest


    am using Rogero 4.30 V1.4 it's working great ErmaC 4.30 is great to but Rogero is in the ps3 scene long time now so it's up to you to know what you want

  2. #232
    iavais Guest
    Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it

  3. #233
    ptrpn Guest
    I was rogero 430 1.04--->downto OFW355---->ERMAC430CFW 1.4

    same as rogero
    sorting XMBL icons/folders dont work
    and cant use usb hdd each port...
    usb006 doesnt boot games only usb000 works ok

  4. #234
    Jurai Guest
    I hope Ermac can add in the lv1 patches for psx backup support eventually

  5. #235
    classa Guest
    i had 1.3 and i still got the cinavia message. does 1.4 fix this and remove the cinavia?

  6. #236
    warlock1986 Guest
    stupid question but wanted to clear it up can this be installed over ermacs CFW 4.30 1.3 or do i have to downgrade which is a pain in the ars

  7. #237
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Just wanted to clarify on the whole usb port thing you may want to clarify which system version you have, Cause I have original launch 60 gig, replaced with 1,000 gig hard drive and I use each usb port just fine. With Ermac and an original slim ps3 on Rogero, and also each usb port works.

  8. #238
    maxrevolver Guest

    4.XX CFW Firmware Update Help?

    Can I install updates/patches (like ErmaC 4.30 1.1, 1.2, etc.) over a custom firmware (e.g. ErmaC 4.30 1.0), or do I need to downgrade then update?

  9. #239
    cr0n Guest
    Cinavia message will continue to appear if you are using blu-ray disk or avchd. Cinavia is only disable when streaming or playing files from usb.

    Both usb ports work fine for me also.

  10. #240
    Roaf Guest
    *Can run games with the latest updates signed with Keys up to 4.30 without any patching needed*

    Does this mean i dont need to find original eboots back ?

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