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    safer to downgrade to 3.55 it explains the safest install in the notes at the beginning of the article..

    anything you do other than that is your own choice.

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    so are we calling this one safe to update to? i own a CECH80gb with 3.55 Kmeaw, and i don't want to risk bricking if people still think it's too risky.

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    Well, since version 1.2 HDMadness has officially removed the "flasher required" warning and thus far there haven't been any brick reports... of course there is always a risk (even installing Sony's OFW updates) of bricking, but ErmaC CFW is basically the same safety wise as the others now.

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    ok, so, what are all the steps i should take then? just so i can have a -perfectly- clear guide on how to install this.

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    I'd check out THIS guide as it covers making a NOR/NAND dump using multiMAN or memdump before installing any CFW to have a recovery backup in case of any bricks. Also another worth a peek is Itskamel's n00b Guide (scroll down). Always better to be safe than sorry

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    just to clarify, even with the backup i would still need flasher to recover from a brick wouldn't i?

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    Either a flasher yourself or someone who has one correct, but with the backup it's fixable at least should anything go wrong.

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    how is it different from other 4.XX cfw which has same keys till 4.31.. how is different in terms of performance and game compatibility?..

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    It's more stable and less buggy than rogero, that i can tell you. Rebug 4.21, that's the better new cfw all around, it offers a lot (perhaps too many for the common user?) of options and perhaps the most stable of them all. For game compatibility this ErmaC and Rogero might be equal on performance and the best options since no patches are necessary to play the latest games.

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    Hi, I'm currently at KMEAW 3.55. I wonder is there a to downgrade from ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.3 back to 3.55?



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