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  1. #181
    G Sus Guest
    after toggle Qa and making sure it worked. i installed 3.55 ofw and the version 9.99 gos away then installed rebug 3.55rex (in your case any 3.55cfw) then go upto ErmaC

  2. #182
    korn16ftl3 Guest
    i skipped over all that gibberish i just completely swapped the bd board to the new drive didnt want to mess with all of that jazz lol

  3. #183
    G Sus Guest
    loool okies , carry on and have fun, but toggle QA just incase , it costs nothing to do it, and can cost you a ps3 if you dont.

  4. #184
    Overkill2000 Guest
    How can i have sure the Qa worked? Its giving me 2 beeps everytime i run it, but i only see "Debug Settings" at the bottom of the list, if i made the buttons trick i don't see anything happen. I really don't know if Qa worked

  5. #185
    G Sus Guest
    if you've got debug settings i assume you have toggled Qa neither kmeaw or rogero has a debug option, so unless your on rebug or a dex machine you wouldnt have it

    but the buttons trick isn't very easy and sometimes takes a few gos, to press all those buttons at exactly the same time.

  6. #186
    Overkill2000 Guest
    I have a CEX machine. But i saw somewhere that besides the "debug" option should be some more 2 new options. So, if im Rebug 3.55.3, and allready activated Qd, why im unable to update to Ermac 4.30 v3? I can't rid of that 9.99 firmware thing

  7. #187
    korn16ftl3 Guest
    now to toggle QA i use the other os++ cfw and the QA.pkg correct? i have only done that once

  8. #188
    G Sus Guest
    i just use the toggle Qa pkg, then install 3.55 ofw, then install 3.55 kmeaw, dont know if its how i meant to do it, but its always worked for me

  9. #189
    hayman Guest
    please can any one tell me when i'm on ermac cfw 1.3, is it need to re sing my old games like RS6 with 3.55 fix ?? Please any answer

    thanx again

  10. #190
    G Sus Guest
    nope you don't, just use multiman to get latest update for the game, delete gamedata, not savegame, and install the game data, it will make even the troublesome games work. most games don't need you to even do that though.

    youl be lucky if you find one or 2 games you cant get working, all 74 of mine did after using the above method.

    a lot of PSN games would need resigning though. i don't have none so it didn't matter.

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