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  1. #171
    korn16ftl3 Guest
    so: 3.55 OFW > 3.55 kmeaw/rogero (via recovery menu) > 4.30 CFW ErmaC (is there instructions for this CFW? i would assume they would be in this thread some place)

    i dont think i have to do any of the syscon stuff seeing as how nothing is downgraded or any thing... i picked up this PS3 for $60 and a PS3 controller LOL had a dead BD rom and i just happened to have a dead YLOD 60GB PS3 lying around

  2. #172
    G Sus Guest
    the instructions are at beggining of the thread, i think , but if not its the same for all the 4.xx cfws as far as i know.

    once your on 3.55 its gonna do no harm to run toggle QA anyway , just incase the previous owner has downgraded it at anytime.

    last thing you want to do is brick your bargain.

  3. #173
    korn16ftl3 Guest
    ok kool suppose it would be smart to back up the nand/nor stuff so if i do brick it at least some one can recover me LOL

  4. #174
    cr0n Guest
    Just install it over 3.55, it's indifferent if it is cfw or ofw. You don't have to do any of the syscon stuff since you've never have downgraded your ps3.

  5. #175
    G Sus Guest
    he bought it second hand, hes assuming its never been downgraded.

    whilst your in 3.55 dont forget to remarry the bd board cos you cant do it from 4.xx

  6. #176
    cr0n Guest
    In that case is better to apply the toggle pkg before.

  7. #177
    G Sus Guest
    if you dont remarry the bdboard in 3.55 it will cause you problems in 4.xx and then youl have to downgrade all over again to sort it out.
    may as well sort it whilst in 3.55 and save all the hassle.

  8. #178
    ziddiri Guest
    two people say that they can play it from external. How can you play if the game has a big file at size 8GB. Did you extracted the pak23.psarc file to a folder?

  9. #179
    G Sus Guest
    big files play from ext but multiman transfers the big files to internal first. since the big files are split on ext.


    help to remarry bd drive

  10. #180
    Overkill2000 Guest
    I have succesfully installed Ermac CFW v1.3 on a "virgin" 60gb ps3 using the instructions. Now i have succesfully downgrade an 80gb fat ps3 from cfw hacked bluedisk 4.21/25, using the Rebug9.99 downgrader, activeted the QA Flags, all ok, BUT now when i try to install the Ermac CFW in recovery mode, it shows me a screen saying that the firmware must be 9.99 or higher.

    But the multiman says i'm on 3.55, and ps3 dashboard too. Do i need some kind of spoofer off? if i try to update firmware in ps3 dashboard it will says "corrupted data"

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