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Thread: PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 - Untested Custom Firmware Surfaces?

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    opexone78 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cr0n View Post
    It's just like in Kmeaw.
    awesome... so it can be used in downgrade console? and how many games it can play? is the 3.55 kmeaw games can play there also?

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    tonyqc Guest
    Finally, the original PUP work perfect. It was from my PUP, swapped something probably.

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    xxsmilexx Guest
    yeah. original PUP is working smoothly. i didn't get any problem yet..

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    Tepoo Guest
    the cfw modification from tonyqc works like a charm. i was able to start games like ac3 and nfsmw without patched eboot etc.

    only one piece is still not working for me... but this was also on rogero 4.30, 4.21 and 3.55 i don't know why my console hates this game..

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    hayman Guest
    hallo thanks for this release. i've install it an every thing fine, but all old games i have didn't work do i need to resign all of them, like RE6 and silent hill (i have hem with fix)


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    fantopoulos Guest
    did you put the pup in ps3 /update folder or else it doesn't find it

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    ziddiri Guest
    Can someone confirm that if Uncharted 3 with 1.15 update can work without any patches? Because Uc3 doesn't work in rogero 4.30 1.03.

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    Tepoo Guest
    i will test if ac3 1.03 is working without fix.


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    G Sus Guest
    I can confirm it works in both rogero 4.30 and in rebug 4.25rex, it also works in e3 4.30cfw so i assume it will work on ErmaC too.

    that was to uncharted 3 not assassins creed, Assassins creed 3 does work without any fix. but you need to install latest update using multiman to get it.

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    ziddiri Guest
    How? I've tried rogero 4.30 1.00 and 1.03 with untouched and updated uc3. Also I've tried to patch for 3.55, still no luck. I've found people has same problem with 4.30 rogero, and there isn't any solution for now.

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