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Thread: PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 - Untested Custom Firmware Surfaces?

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    cr0n Guest
    No, i've not installed rebug toolbox, i will try it and post the results.

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    G Sus Guest
    thanks , much appreciated.

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    cr0n Guest
    Rebug toolbox works fine on Ermac cfw, although some of the options are not available but that is to be expected since it is intendend to be used with rebug cfw. Installing and running rebug toolbox on ermac do not cause any language bug. It seems that only package manager causes that bug so avoid installing the tonyqc version and install only the original version. By the way, ermac cfw works as it should, runs everything and seems very stable, i'm yet to enconter any bug.

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    G Sus Guest
    well if its working fine and works with toolbox, its got to be something to do with the way its been pkgd together thats the prob then.
    and its not really neccessary anyway. so all is good.

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    james194zt Guest
    Still has the organisation bug, was kinda hoping that this had been fixed with all of the XMB bug fixes.

    Also wish that the artwork would be changed, I don't mind the cold boot being non stock, just wish it looked a bit more professional. I also wish the user Avatars on the XMB were not some awful looking MK characters but the originals.

    As I said I don't mind the cold boot being changed it is like a big FU to Sony every time I turn the console (love the hardware, hate the company)

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    G Sus Guest
    keep suggesting better visuals and i'm sure hes taking note, i think at the moment the reason they're a little non professional looking is cos hes concentrating on getting the important stuff right first, i assume he'll make it more visually friendly at the end when he tidies it up.

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    hilongo Guest
    I agree ... Once there are no bugs and the CFW is stable enough ...then he, or someone else, can start working on the 'look&feel' ... or maybe adding some tools to modify to one's plasure

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    cr0n Guest
    All i can say with all the tests i've done is that ErmaC Cfw is the best option if you want a 4.30 cfw, no doubt, it's far more stable than the buggy rogero but still comes short when compared to rebug. That CFW is simply amazing.

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    opexone78 Guest
    by the way, may i know, using this ErmaC CFW, is it using multiman like kmeaw? or it's like a previous CEX2DEX which need external harddrive and then use that HDD to be BD emulator? (single game as default)

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    cr0n Guest
    It's just like in Kmeaw.

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