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  1. #131
    cr0n Guest
    I'm from europe, Portugal. You can change between all the languages and they are displayed properly. Maybe applying rebug package manager is what causing the bug in your system.

  2. #132
    G Sus Guest
    i'm wondering if the bug tonyqc is mentioning, is dependant on other factors, like bluray region not matching the language settings or something like that.

  3. #133
    cr0n Guest
    I will download the version made by tonyqc with the package manager and test it, give me a minute and i'll post the results.

  4. #134
    G Sus Guest
    if you haven't got a hardware flasher, don't take the risk just because of my curiosity. the least you mess with fw the less likely chances of a brick.

    its just good to know you haven't got the issue. what region is your ps3 originally though. i just saw your message on region so ignore that lol.

    if its a european ps3 and was bought in portugal, then id assume any bug present that was dependent on region would be present for yours too, and its not cos you can switch to english

    i'm assuming you've still got europe set as your region.

  5. #135
    tonyqc Guest
    My Ps3 is a Canadian PS3model: CECHK01, I use French XMB before the update, even the original Ermac CFW have this bug...

  6. #136
    G Sus Guest
    i wonder if its to do with the bluray region then.

    yours isn't european, so if you try set it to eurpoean english, it wont let you, but it will let you set it to english american maybe.
    i'm just guessing here, its strange how its got bugs for you, but not for cron.

    it don't sound like its as much of a bug , or at least not as important as long as erupoean consoles can select it , then not many would be affected by it.

  7. #137
    tonyqc Guest
    I have to go, maybe i'll try to fix that tomorow but i'm 99.99999% sure this bug come from the original PUP

    Because I have notified this bug from the original PUP 1.02, even checked the MD5 ...

  8. #138
    G Sus Guest
    it could have, it might only affect none european consoles trying to make european selections. or other region specific problems

    it could even be something sony have done deliberately within ofw to stop it from allowing these selections, but since its been altered it now just crashes if you try.

  9. #139
    cr0n Guest
    As i thought the bug is present in tonyqc version with the rebug package manager but it's not in the original pup. Languages are all messed up in tonyqc pup and the ps3 freezes trying to change from language to language!

    So be aware, DO NOT DOWNLOAD tonyqc version! Somehow inserting the rebug package manager is what's causing the bug! I've now reverted again to the original Ermac 1.3 pup and everything is working fine. No bugs whatsoever...

  10. #140
    G Sus Guest
    thanks for that, have you installed the rebug toolbox and seen if the problem comes back, incase its a toolbox incompatability, and not just cos its in the pup.

    it could be why tonyqc has had it all along, he might have always used the toolbox

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