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Thread: PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 - Untested Custom Firmware Surfaces?

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    tonyqc Guest
    Even downgrading do not work, i'll try restore default settings.

    It worked!

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    G Sus Guest
    i assume HDMadness isnt from england , do you know if hes aware of the language bugs if hes not english he might not have even noticed it.

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    tonyqc Guest
    I have modified the ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.3, now include Rebug Package Manager. PS3UPDAT.PUP

    MD5: 7114FB35490CD7F96B7070FC9F299CE4

    It have 100% the same compatibility then the original.


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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Well I decided to update my kmeaw3.55 phat console to this and all psone titles that were installed still work, I created 4.xx fixes for all my psn games. They work as well no need for reinstall, Also no need to put original files back in games when you update to newest version in multiman game is automatically put back to original and works. Have not had an issue at all so far looks pretty sweet.

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    tonyqc Guest
    I don't think he is aware of those bugs...

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    G Sus Guest
    if this cfw is gonna be taken seriously , it'll need to be sorted. otherwise about 25% of ps3 owners wont touch it because they're english.
    and another 15% wont use it just cos they know its got a bug even though it don't affect them (people are strange sometimes)

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    tonyqc Guest
    Or try French and look at online manual

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    G Sus Guest
    shame it wasn't just the language that was messed up, most people wouldn't notice as they never read anything anyway. looool

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    cr0n Guest
    Sorry tonyqc but with the original pup there's no bugs with the languages whatsoever... I've installed 1.30 and can change between all the languages without any problems. Maybe there's a problem with your version after aplying rebug package manager. With the original version there is no language bug, everything runs smoth.

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    G Sus Guest
    hmmnn what region are you originally cron, and tonyqc has your test ps3 ever been changed to dex.

    have you noticed any bugs at all cron. slow xmb etc ?

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