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Thread: PS3 ErmaC 4.30 CFW v1.0 - Untested Custom Firmware Surfaces?

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    G Sus Guest
    well if you can live with the bootlogo , this could be the one for you. no bells and whistles.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    I haven't tried it on 4.21 CFW yet, but you could always swap the coldboot.raf.

    There's various tutorials out there to help you achieve that:

    You no longer need the SDK to do it either, there's a program called Boot Logo Creator that helps you do it.

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    G Sus Guest
    i'm not 100% sure if its still that easy on 4.xx fw , should be , but i aint gonna try it lol.

    probably be easier to give HDMadness a little input and let him know that the only thing off putting for most people is the bootlogo. i assume he'd have a go at making a more agreeable one.

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    farenheit Guest
    I would have tried on a 3.55 f/w but not on 4.xx not worth the risk changing the boot logo until HD can confirm if its ok to change without the risk of a brick

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    G Sus Guest
    smart move

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    tonyqc Guest
    Those Ermac CFW have a language bug ... I will release this CFW with Rebug package manager in 20 min.

    Md5: 7114fb35490cd7f96b7070fc9f299ce4

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    G Sus Guest
    Language bug ? in what way, xmb in english and everything else in korean ?

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    tonyqc Guest
    In system settings try English united kingdom, your ps3 will freeze and crash, and will no longer work

    You will have to downgrade and change the language. If you use french your Friends will show in korea (last session) and many other bugs like this

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    hilongo Guest
    Man! ... I'm grateful for not living in the UK!

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    G Sus Guest
    ahh i see, thanks for that info. that's something that could cause a few issues for a lot of people. hope he's working on fixing that, i assume you could just select american for your region, but then your bluray movies wouldn't work would they ?

    lol, sadly i and a lot of others do, i'm on rebug though so it don't matter to me but this cfw is really interesting to me. i really want to see it become the new standard in 4.xx cfw.

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