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  1. #101
    felineswine Guest

    ErMac = Error Macro

    ErMac stands for error macro, it originates from Mortal Kombat games of the mid 90's, where ermac was a new ninja character who had telepathic abilities.

  2. #102
    Glottiz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by realth View Post
    does anyone know if this fixes the 'grouping' problem on xmb, i mean when you use square to put all files in a folder on rogeros version it would ungroup them every time you reboot

    thanks in advance
    i want to know this too.

  3. #103
    G Sus Guest
    Looks like this ErmaC is coming along nicely.

    HDMadness is certainly not slacking.

  4. #104
    farenheit Guest
    Anyone know if the boot screen can be changed on this? It's the only thing holding me back from installing it lol

  5. #105
    G Sus Guest
    a boot screen isn't viewable for very long, does it matter that much ?

  6. #106
    hilongo Guest
    Hmmm... Feels like this ErmaC CFW could be the next Kmeaw CFW ... I'll be keeping an eye on this one

  7. #107
    djplayazclub Guest
    I know this is off topic but since i installed a 4.30 CFW my multiman copy speed became very slow. is there somebody who has the same problem ?

  8. #108
    farenheit Guest
    I'm a fussy git!! (and you didnt answer my question)

    Also are we expecting an update to 4.31 now that the 4.31 isoldr and lv2ldr Keys have been decrypted & released?

  9. #109
    G Sus Guest
    theres no point to a 4.21 cfw theres no point to any cfw above 4.21 since all games will play on fw above 4.21 a proper 4.30 cfw would be enough to get all other features functional. 4.31 was optional fix for some games. until sony writes something into a fw that is neccessary there wont be a reason for anything other than the cfws we have.

    as for the being a fussy Git , fair enough cant argue with that at all. it would only eat away at you everytime you turned your ps3 on lol
    strange sometimes how such a little thing can drive us nuts sometimes.

  10. #110
    twennyBensuns Guest
    My thoughts exactly. I just want a simple CFW (along the lines of a Jtag/RGH type option) which just opens things up with regards games, retail and PSN. I don't really need or use the superb 'dev style' options which are found in Rebug, although HUGE applause goes out to that CFW and it's creators.

    It's just fantastic that we are getting these options

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