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    elser1 Guest
    also can someone please upload the 3 files to mediafire? thanks

  2. #82
    smokyyuwe Guest
    Here they are..

    PS3Ultimate Tv Section v1.02.pkg
    Tv Section Tv v1.01.zip
    Tv Section VIDEO v1.01.zip

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    elser1 Guest
    thank you heaps smokyyuwe!

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    StanSmith Guest
    Oh, I could only get Crackle working as the others said they can't be played to international users. And the others were in foreign languages so I couldn't understand what was going on. Probably telling me I cant play then as I'm an international user. There is Plus7 but I already have that.

    I edited the files and now I only have crackle as that's the only channel I wanted anyway.

    Is there a way to add the official channels? On OFW 4.21 there are more channels than 3.55 has and I can't seem to get the new ones installed to CFW.

  5. #85
    elser1 Guest
    ahh ok. i get what you mean.

    i know there is vid zone and abc iview also. on my psn 4.20 console that is.

  6. #86
    StanSmith Guest
    Yea, I have ABC IView, Plus7 and SBS On Demand and that VidZone on my OFW PS3.

    On the CFW355 I have ABC, Plus7 and PlayTV. I also moved Showtime there but I would like SBS on demand but cant work out how to get it there.

    I now have Crackle. Which reminds me its time to crackle. LOL

  7. #87
    007willieruiz Guest
    Sorry if I making a dummy question. Do I replace the original files from /dev_flash/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/category_tv.xml or just add the file category_tv.xml in /dev_hdd0/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/

    try to replace from /dev_flash the system won't let me even erase the existing one.

    Adding in /dev_hdd0 still see TV category empty.

    Can some one point me to the right direction?


  8. #88
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    ok i need some help i have replaced the file in vsh folder and installed pgk 1.0.2 then 3 then 4 i now have a tv section, the icon anyways but nothing is there. Just a tv icon no options in that section no nothing. i'm on 3.55 firmware did i do something wrong?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3MFW Builder Patch_Registory TCL Script By CFWPrpht Arrives

    Today CFWPrpht has made available (via twitter.com/cfwprpht/status/251660082293637121) a PS3MFW Builder Patch_Registory TCL script for use with PS3MFW Builder.

    To quote: About PS3MFW Builder patch_registory.tcl:
    • Description: Patch Alphabetical sort Order
    • Option –patch-alpha-sort: Alphabetical sort Order for Games in the XMB
    • Type –patch-alpha-sort: boolean

    More patches to that tcl are incoming. I will add the --patch-rape-sfo function which for now is a dirty patch and will take the sfo's for neogeo and pcengine (X0+X4) so we can use it as our own sfo's and put some app's in own made XMB segments.

    For that i also will clean the network category to use it as homebrew category and merge net cat with psn cat together. So that next patch will be a big one.

    patch_registory.tcl for MFW builder, alpha sort for games in the XMB paste2.org/p/2279592

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From paste2.org/p/2288573:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From paste2.org/p/2291348:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3Ultimate PS3 TV Application v1.10 - Watch TV from PlayStation 3

    Following up on his previous releases, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer RazorX has made available PS3Ultimate PS3 TV Application v1.10 followed by v1.11. allowing users to watch TV from the PlayStation 3 entertainment system using an XML file modification.

    Download: PS3Ultimate TV Section v1.10 PKG / PS3Ultimate TV Section v1.11 PKG / PS3 Ultimate TV.rar (v1.1)

    To quote: Hey everyone today I bring you v1.10 of my app with this comes a lot of updates including a installer which I created with the help of developer andreus because of this installer I have had to make changes to everything so if you have my app installed please uninstall it first along with this update i have created a Web site just for this app which i have created to be viewed mainly on the PS3 so if your viewing it on the pc and the text seems a bit off that's why.

    Version 1.10 brings you more channels, more content (with more to come), a updated update section as well as a package installer for the PS3Ultimate TV files as well as the PS3Ultimate TV Installer and Web site and because of the installer as i have said all the files have been altered including the themes.

    Here is a link to the Web site (PS3UltimateTV.tk) please use the blog that's what it's there for and along the right hand side you will see info on how to make it appear better on the PS3 and a link to the install guide i have wrote which contains the PS3Ultimate TV Installer and the files for installing this manually.

    The reason for that being that the installer currently doesn't work with Cobra cfw so if you need to you can install the flash files manually with the multiman installable zip files which I've also updated so when installing this make sure if you have PS3Ultimate TV v1.09 or below installed to remove it by going into "Game Date Utility" and deleting it but all the information you need is on my guide so enjoy.

    v1.11 Changes:

    Ok everyone i have just updated my PS3Ultimate TV app to v1.11. I've also updated the installer, so please remove the version you have installed and install it using the updated installer. The update to v1.11 through the app. If there is any issues you find with this, such as anything missing off your XMB, please let me know. Also with this release I have added some applications in the Extra, PS3 XIL section, such as Netflix, YouTube For the PS3, LOVEfilm etc

    I've also added some more TV shows and an extra theme, but please remember this is a work progress, so please let me know if your having problems and if anyone wishes to create some extra themes or have any suggestions please let me know by commenting here or on the PS3Ultimate TV blog. I have also updated the PS3Ultimate TV Web site (linked above) so for more information go there.

    Update: PS3Ultimate TV App - TV and Movies on Your CFW PS3 (Update v1.11)

    PS3 developer RazorX has updated his PS3 Ultimate TV app to version 1.11 with details below.

    With this application you can watch on your PS3 CFW console Internet TV. In the current release are 10 little-known Internet TV stations that are at the start and many stations are added.

    Updating to v1.11 - Installer has been updated (before uninstall older !!!) - more stations and a few more other things.

    Updated TV Section to v1.11:
    • added some tv shows
    • added in extra theme
    • added an extra PS3 XIL section (YouTube, Netflix)


    Simply installing the 1.11 pkg and open a file manager (eg MultiMAN), DevBlind activated and replaces your category.xml with the download from the second installed PS3Ultimate TV Section v1.04 pkg via install-package.

    From now on you should have a TV section in the XMB and there should be preset 10 stations.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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