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    Sostanco Guest
    thanks guys!

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS3 3.70 Spoof TCL Mod and Tasks for PS3MFW Builder Released

    Today PlayStation 3 developer RazorX has released a PS3 3.70 Spoof TCL Mod and Tasks for PS3MFW Builder to allow Modified Firmware users to change PS3 XML and RCO files alongside some ready-made PS3Ultimate CFW versions below and a PS3Ultimate Store Channel release from PsDev.

    Download: PS3 3.70 Spoof TCL Mod / Change PS3 XML Files / Change PS3 RCO Files / PS3Ultimate 3.55 CFW (Unspoofed) / PS3Ultimate 3.55 CFW (3.66 Spoofed) / PS3Ultimate 3.55 CFW (3.70 Spoofed) / Altered PKG Files / PS3 Ultimate 1 / PS3 Ultimate 2 (Black) / XMB_Plugin_Normal (Black & White) / PS3Ultimate Store Channel / PS3Ultimate CFW Coldboot.raf (Updated Bugfix)

    When using the spoof, your PS3 will display the following prompt: "The latest version of the system software is already installed. There is no need to update."

    To quote: This does not mean that you can use this to sign into to PSN. All that this basically does is allow you to not have to worry about your console being accidentally updated. NO PSN! I've now got a 3.70 spoof tcl that is 3.70 51968 001:CEX-ww

    RazorX also releases two other tasks he created for use with PS3MFW Builder, Change XML Files, and Change RCO Files.

    Currently, there are three different versions: 3.66 Spoofed, 3.70 Spoofed, and 3.55 Unspoofed. NOTE: With the versions that come SPOOFED, the only way to revert back to another FW is though Recovery Menu.

    This is a 3.55 CFW Ive just finished creating with PS3MFW Builder. It is setup in a way I think everyone will like, here is some of the options I set:
    • Patched Lv1 Hypervisor
    • Patched Lv2 Kernel
    • Patched Package Installer
    • Patched all self/sprx to secure privacy
    • Patched application launcher
    • Added homebrew category
    • Added Start Game (Disc-less) to game category (/app_home/PS3_GAME/)
    • Cleaned unwanted items from XMB
    • Patched translations
    • Replaced coldboot
    • Replaced some RCO files
    • Replaced some XML files
    • Changed cinavia DRM affected files
    • Changed default theme
    • Spoofed to 3.70 (3.70 51968 001:CEX-ww)

    After you install this CFW, go straight into theme settings and apply the default theme. I would also like to say I'd be very happy to receive any help. That is going to really improve this CFW further. I have been trying to change the icons on the ingame XMB and the main XMB, to set it up were I don't need the theme.

    But, I have had little success so far, so any help would be appreciated. I have put the "Start Game (Disc-less)" in games, and the "Install Packages" in debug. In the future I'd very much like to also have the debug settings in there, so if anyone can do this let me know..

    To do this firmware I had to create my own tcl files, so I have included them too. Ive also included some altered pkg files for you to try, and by altered I mean the categories changed, and images slightly altered. So enjoy...

    Updates: This cfw has been updated with a 3.70 spoof and i have just installed it and it does now say version 3.70 so if you have installed the previous cfw with the 3.66 spoof just install this straight over the top of it from the recovery menu..

    For all you who want unspoofed versions here you go i've also added a spoof_version.tcl for 3.70.

    I've just created a larger theme for my cfw it now has 16 different backgrounds in HD and SD i hope you all like it

    And for all of you who want something different and know what to do with rco files i've just created a black theme which i think is fantastic i created every icon but you cant change the psn icon with a theme as far as i know so ive included the rco file to change it, ive also included the normal one to switch back its only 1 rco so its not difficult and let me know what you think so i can use that in a future release thanks..

    Instructions aka 1-2-3 UFW (PS3 Ultimate 3.55 CFW):

    1. Format USB device FAT32
    2. Place PS3UPDAT.PUP in x:/PS3/UPDATE
    3. Install via XMB

    NOTE: If you are not on OFW 3.55, please download and install that first, the same way you would install NFW. You can find OFW 3.55 here.

    PS3Ultimate Store:

    How to add the channel:
    • Place the folder called xil in this directory "/Dev_hdd0/tmp/explore
    • The channel will end up in the Tv Section

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dtmoore555 Guest
    does this mean that we can now play 3.60+ games such as Infamous 2, Lego Pirates, etc... w/o having to have a patched eboot or do we still require the KEYS to play these ever after the spoof??

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    Apr 2005
    Nah, it's just to keep the PS3 from updating... it won't allow playing higher Firmware titles or PSN access unfortunately.

    Also below are some more additional tasks for PS3MFW Builder via danyl and bitsbubba: ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/20-Additional?p=11466#post11466

    Download: Add Homebrew Category to XMB Task / Spoof Version Task / GameOS / OtherOS++ Sizes for PS3MFW Builder (patch_emer_init)

    More spoof tcl task for PS3MFW Builder: spoof_version

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More GameOS/OtherOS++ sizes for PS3MFW Builder: patch_emer_init

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Ezio Guest
    Useful tasks!! thanks.

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    streetheat Guest
    when your done loading the PS3Ultimate 3.55 CFW (3.70 Spoofed) file onto your ps3 will it still say version 3.55 on my system information or should i say 3.70, i tried loading the file for the update and it states that the latest version is already installed on my system and there's no reason to update , have i done this spoof wrong or am i missing something ?

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Ultimate PS3 CFW Spoofed v3.72 Custom Firmware Arrives

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 hacker RazorX has updated PS3Ultimate PS3 CFW to Spoofed version 3.72 with the changes detailed below.

    Download: PS3Ultimate White Edition 3.72 Spoofed / PS3Ultimate Black Edition 3.72 Spoofed / PS3Ultimate White Edition Unspoofed / PS3Ultimate Black Edition Unspoofed / PS3Ultimate White Edition 3.70 Spoofed / PS3Ultimate Black Edition 3.70 Spoofed

    To quote: Hey all RazorX here I've updated my PS3Ultimate CFW again for you i've tweeked a couple of things for example I've removed the Web site from the coldboot file so now it just reads PS3Ultimate.

    I've also updated the category_game_tool2.xml and renamed the default theme because the name was bugging me and I changed the Web site on it but the main reason for this release is because I've updated the spoof on it now my CFW is spoofed to 3.72 to prevent you from accidently updating your console, also on another note I've found someone who is happy to make a PS3Ultimate app for me so keep a look out for that hopefully if what he said is true it should be done about Friday but we will see..

    PS3Ultimate CFW Details:
    • Patched Lv1 Hypervisor
    • Patched Lv2 Kernel
    • Patched Package Installer
    • Patched Application Launcher
    • Added Homebrew Category (TV)
    • Added Retro Category (PSN)
    • Added Debug Category (Friend)
    • Added Package Manager (Friend)
    • Added Launch Game (Discless) (Game)
    • Cleaned Unwanted Icons From XMB
    • Replaced Coldboot
    • Replaced RCO Files
    • Replaced XML Files
    • Patched All self/sprx Files To Secure Privacy
    • Changed Cinavia DRM Effected Files
    • Changed Default "Air Paint" Theme

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    1Panic Guest
    Mehh... When or if it ever gets backup support for ps1 and ps2 games AND be able to boot them up flawlessly and play them, then maybe I'll get it. Until such time I will play the waiting game. Those "spoof" things are pointless. Because seriously who is dumb enough to accidently update their firmware?

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    NN33NN Guest
    Well accidents can happen or a friend of yours might start an update. Even soo, many new games include update of firmware and if you are too fast on your fingers you will or might accidently start an update when you start a game. ps1 and ps2 games will be suppoted in the cobra implemention to cfw... don't know if DH is working on it for first release...

    my best bet is that it will come as an patch update or as an separate emu. Dean had PS2 support for backups in an early release of Multiman for fat model.. but it was not stable.

    Does this work on 3.55 rebug? and is it possible to uninstall?

    Looks like this is a new cfw with or with out spoof. 180mb pup file. Probably lose rebug or any other firmware if update.

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    mmanolos Guest
    I was lucky enough when I bought my PS3 that it didn't have a good wifi signal so I barely catch my son downloading (slowly) a firmware update... Since then I blocked the Sony updates server (dus01.ps3.update.playstation.net) on my router, I recommend it to everyone.

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