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Thread: PS3 Easy Spoof TCL Mod and Advanced Mode CFW Patch Arrives

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    SixShooter Guest
    No thats the thing! It wasnt! my usb was clean and nothing else was on it except the so called advanced pup. Recovery did something to the pup. I dont know really but it was not 3.60.

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    elser1 Guest
    so how was there 3.60 physically linked to your ps3.. in a usb?new disc game? had to be there somewhere or it isn't possible..

    bitsbubba what are the (hint hint) other features in the adv menu?can you maybe list what is there please.

    are your ps3 into net connected or something.. it would have been spoof 3.60 anyway.. seems strange.. sorry this happened to you mate..
    just enjoy psn.. get on to get your welcome back pkg.. LOL

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    SixShooter Guest
    I just figured it out... FREAKING PORTAL WAS IN MY SYSTEM AT THE TIME!

    Well, I guess that solves it... time to play the waiting game for 3.60 mfw I guess... sigh.

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    elser1 Guest
    how kool is portal though... brilliant game.. enjoy.

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    FuDang Guest
    I am only getting spoofed to 3.60, and i get DNS error if i try to sign in, test net, or anything other than using the web browser.

    Also, debug settings wont stay if they are changed, other than the ones that are typed in. So what's this patch do? Other than Fix Black Screens, limit your debug options, and give you DNS error?

    Is the "(and more, hint hint)" a bad, or good thing? cuz i can't find anything more. i was hoping for maybe 3.6 passphrase or something cool, but with the DNS error, i can't even check with charles. Is the patch useless if i was wanting something that does anything useful?

    All checksums were good. Ive even installed fresh OFW 355, then reinstalled this, and its the same deal.

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    darksithlord Guest
    So what exactly does this do ?

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    lvlrgreen Guest


    so will sniper ghost warrior work on this because it has 3.60 keys and alice madness? i'm running 3.55 kmeaw.

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    Apr 2005
    To answer from the first post: "it will only spoof the PS3 Firmware version number... it won't allow PSN access or running newer PlayStation 3 titles" so nah, all it does is prevent the PS3 Firmware from being updated (for example, if you have a friend over and they try to update it and so on).

    As for getting newer games to work, only update patches (when released) or a new PS3 hack will help with them.

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    Cairobeta Guest
    OK I have to ask some silly questions. Just go with me on this one. Does this spoof really allow you to say downgrade to 3.55 by updating to say a 3.90 firmware (which is really just 3.55 modified so that it thinks its 3.90)?

    If so what is to prevent someone from doing the following?

    1. Downgrade to a 3.55 firmware by making the PS3 think it's a 3.90 update.
    2. Set the QA Flag to allow firmware downgrading
    3. Upgrade to an official firmware 3.61/3.65 for PSN access, downgrading for CFW uses. I suppose you could burn BD-R's to use on OFW 3.61 if you didn't want to switch back and forth.

    It still not CFW 3.61 but it's defiantly one step closer.

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    DarkAntiMatter Guest
    Good luck with step 1... If we could magically make the PS3 think an old firmware was a newer one, well, we could downgrade whenever we liked and then we wouldn't even need step 2 would we? I think this program lets us change the version that 3.55 appears to think itself is, not what 3.6x thinks the update is. Besides, 3.6x would not accept the old keys.

    Damn Sony. I want to play online, but I can't because then I lose the ability to have the hack thing which I barely use anyway.

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