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    NTA Guest

    So much animosity because of DST and Sony

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    JozsefViktor Guest
    Plz just this program Custom firmware maker need to me, i have new ps3, and i would make the kmeaw patching.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application v2.0 Arrives

    Following up on their initial release, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developers Grimm and Berion have updated their PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application to v2.0 followed by some updates below which includes German and Polish languages alongside database updates.

    Download: PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application v2.0 / PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application v2.0 Rev 8 / PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application v2.0 Rev 8 (Mirror) / PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application v2.0 Rev 8 from Berion (Just unpack and replace files. Added CEX CFW Rogero v1.02, 1.03 and fix PKG) / .NET Framework 4 (Required)

    From the included ReadMe File, to quote: Hello. Custom Firmware Validator is a program designed mainly for verifying downloaded or manually patched firmwares for PS3. This application compares checksums from the database with those which are being calculated on the currently open file.

    If at least one would match, the following things will appear: the name of the firmware and its short description, the option to show the list of additional functions and the option to visit the author's web page, also one could copy a file onto USB with the proper directory structure and its name (PS3, PSP, PSV).

    Databases are external, written in the standard XML and UTF-8 coded, so everyone can edit them and propose any possible corrections, what we encourage you to do.

    We prepared three different bases for the program (the one for PS3 is loaded by default, but one can choose others from the option menu):
    • The first one for PS3 (currently with all CFW/OFW (*.pup) and upadate packages *.pkg for Rebug and TB dongle).
    • The other ones function as examples and need to be completed.

    Handy keyboard shortcuts:
    • CTRL+O - open file
    • CTRL+E - exit CFV
    • CTRL+I - fw information popup
    • CTRL+U - transfer file to USB device
    • CTRL+W - go to authors web page

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: I still don't understand what this program do!
    A: In other simpler words, using CFV:
    • You cannot flash your console by fake firmware. In first days of CFW on PS3, many linked higher OFW as CFW and some people have been fooled by them, ending with non software downgradable OFW. This application protect you from such situation.
    • You cannot misleading one CFW with another, modified by someone else than author of this CFW. This application gave you confidence that scaned CFW is the release CFW, not modified by someone else.
    • You can transfer OFW/CFW directly to your USB device. It even detect if file system is FAT32 but not only! Also detect if this FAT32 is on MBR (which is only one support by PS3) or GPT and other not supported table format.
    • You can go to authors webpage if it's linked in database.
    • You can take more user friendly information about firmware (like properly working Trophy system, Cinavia DRM patched, protecting from ACT.DAT deleting etc.).

    Q: How many fw CFV recognize?
    A: Custom Firmware Validator support all CEX OFWs, all leaked SEX, DEX, DECR and all known to us CFWs (more than 50). This give us support for ~200 firmwares!

    Q: Do you plan to make databases updates?
    A: Yes, but only the one for PS3. In this aspect we count on the community's involvement.

    Q: Do you plan to release program updates?
    A: Sure, but it depends on whether the submitted errors could be verified and whether we have ideas for new functions.

    Q: What checksums are generated and will you add new in the future?
    A: CRC32 (CRC32b), MD5, SHA1, SHA2-224, SHA2-256, SHA2-386 and SHA2-512. In future, probably SHA3. Others not, for the time being.

    Q: Can I use CFV in order to generate checksums from other files than consoles' firmware?
    A: Yes, basically the source of no importance, because the program reads descriptions and checksums which can be freely edited and picked from the options menu.

    Q: Is CFV legal?
    A: Yes, it is, it doesn't contain any keys/hashes used to sign files.

    Q: Could I modify my console using this program?
    A: Nah...

    Q: Can i change language?
    A: Yes, you van change language in options menu.

    Q: Language in databases also will change?
    A: Unfortunately no. You can choose database (if also is translated) in option menu, unchecking not used other language versions.

    Please be advised: in order for Custom Firmware Validator to work properly Microsoft .NET Framework at least ver. 4.0 is required. The program works on XP (reported some problems with SHA2), Vista and Seven. Not tested on Windows 8 (Developers/Consumers Preview).

    Special thanks for: Fatman and toto67 from ps3-tools.de for preparing German translation of CFV and database odb_ps3.

    Grimm, Berion

    PS3 Custom Firmware Validator Rev 8 Changelog:
    • added all CEX CFW up to 4.30
    • added all DEX CFW
    • added missing DEX OFW
    • added missing CEX OFW
    • added missing Glevand’s CFW 3.55 (included test releases)
    • added missing Rogero’s CFW 3.55
    • added some missing checksums for some firmwares
    • old, translated databases are moved to ./outdated folder

    To Do:
    • add missing CEX OFW (the ones from BD-ROM)
    • add missing SEX OFW

    In related PS3 homebrew news today DEFAULTDNB has made available a PS3 PUP Check PPC (MD5 Verify) v1 (Mirrors: Mirror 1 and Mirror 2) followed by PUP Check PPC (MD5 Verify) v1.1 and PUP Check PPC+ (MD5 Verify) v1.0 (MD5: f1c99c77ca48260901530c0555feae75 / Mirrors: Mirror 1 and Mirror 2) and PUP Check PPC+ (MD5 Verify) v1.1 (MD5: accd05fdb626c35124036d8b60aa23e9 and Mirror) and PUP Check PPC+ (MD5 Verify) v1.2 (MD5: d72a3ce03e868c7a7e3130688718f3a2 and Mirror) and PUP Check PPC+ (MD5 Verify) v1.2.1 (MD5: 82ab38d7444bcd6f6364c100834cfb59 and Mirror) and PS3 PUP Check+ v2.0 (MD5: d1490f7a8f260ace67305e75544af7b1) and PS3 PUP Check+ v2.0.1 (MD5: 9d10def6bf975dc77b2913b79d5d230a) and PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.0 (MD5: 0bc925beb248f8e55ce962ea21ac27ad) and PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.2 (MD5: 03ce0881d85ddbdbefbde2e14e0c1045) and PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.3 and PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.4 application stating the following:

    Ok so I got bored again and wanted to learn more about MD5 hashes and incorporate it into my own coding, so I came up with a quick tool, which can verify the MD5 of over 350+ known MFW/CFW/CEX/DEX/SEX PS3 update files.

    About: I wanted to make this noob friendly, so its easy to pick up and use with no knowledge of anything other than clicking 1 button.

    Never get scammed and by downloading and installing a fake update again! All you need to do is open the app, click “Select and check” point it to a pup file and bingo you get your MD5 result and whether or not it matches the known database, if it’s fake, or if its unknown (if new CFW comes out it will state unknown and to Google the MD5 it generates so you can double check the authenticity of the PUP).

    I will update the app if people want me to in future (if there is enough call for it), and it is a known thing that the app takes 3-8 seconds to cross check the MD5 and return the result. Tested on Windows Vista/XP & virus scanned with AVG.

    As I am a noob coder there may be a few bugs, so please pm me if you find any and I will fix and update asap. This app (like my others) are flash based so they can potentially be made into Web apps (no exe) so dont be surprised if it asks you to update your players (I also want to point out this took me only 4 hrs learn about MD5 and to build it to V1).


    Thanks to aldostools for the extensive MD5 list on his site: aldostools.org/temp/md5.txt
    Props to superfurry.

    PS3 PUP Check+ (MD5 Verify) PPC+ Update: Based on feedback and inspiration from superfurry 's work, I am adding 3 extra features to the new "+" version.

    • cosmetic fixes
    • code clean up
    • added option to generate MD5 from any file (change drop down from "PUP files" to "ALL files"
    • added paste: copy your known 32 digit MD5 text in windows, open PS3 PUP check+, right click anywhere to paste & verify against 350+ PS3 PUP database.
    • added txt file output per MD5 checked (non PUP files only), file is written in app directory (wherever the app is opened) and contains: date stamp/time stamp/file name/MD5 generated, and is named <md5string>.txt

    PS3 PUP Check+ v1.1 (MD5 VERIFY) - PPC+ v1.1 (MiralaTijera 4.30 DEX CFW MD5 added)

    Just a really quick update, shout out if you want anything else added or something is missing or wrong Download:

    PPC+ v1.1: https://anonfiles.com/file/f4c191da6...4ea8aabed6d3b6
    PPC+ v1.1 (Mirror): http://www.sendspace.com/file/y4okzn
    PPC+ v1.1 MD5: 364d976090aeec91fa9ff4359cab06d3

    PPC has been retired, but in its place is PPC+ which has now been updated to PPC+ v1.1!

    PS3 PUP Check+ v1.1 (MD5 VERIFY)
    • MiralaTijera 4.30 DEX CFW MD5 added
    • Team GDK 4.31 v7 MD5 added

    Download (updated v1.1 version above):

    PPC+ v1.1: https://anonfiles.com/file/fcaed2023...40800c8ec1664f
    PPC+ v1.1 (Mirror): http://www.sendspace.com/file/p37y7b
    PPC+ v1.1 MD5: c5691cb876bf3209866e953215ff47a3

    v1.1 Changelog:
    • Fixed incorrect MD5 for CFW355-OTHEROS++-COLD-BOOT.PUP
      MD5: CCB69A1D02FDC42267D476076A44CBA5
      Thanks to euss and hanzoverfist for confirming the correct MD5
    • Minor cosmetic alignment.

    v1.2 Changelog (download above):
    • Cumulative update.
    • added txt file output per MD5 checked (all files), file is written in app directory (wherever the app is opened) and contains: date stamp/time stamp/file name/actual name/MD5 generated, and is named <md5string>.txt
    • CEX OFW 4.40 MD5 added

    [Register or Login to view code]

    v1.2.1 Changelog (download above):
    • Bug fixed in output <md5string>.txt files.

    PS3 PUP Check+ v2.0 (MD5 VERIFY - download above) Changelog:
    • Updated UI
    • Fixed bugs
    • Added Rogero 4.40 1.02 MD5

    PS3 PUP Check+ v2.0.1 (MD5 VERIFY - download above) Changelog:
    • Added Rogero 4.40 CFW v1.02 + ReactPSN pup MD5
    • Added Rogero any CFW back to 3.55 pup MD5

    PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.0 (MD5 VERIFY - download above) Changelog:
    • added cfw 4.40.x venix silver MD5's
    • added toggle for outputting text data (red for off, green for on)

    PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.2 (MD5 VERIFY - download above) Changelog:
    • added Rogero 4.40 v1.03 MD5

    PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.3 (MD5 VERIFY - download above) Changelog:
    • added PS3ita cfw 4.21 dex v2.2 MD5. Thanks to Mistawes

    PS3 PUP Check+ v2.1.4 (MD5 VERIFY - download above) Changelog:
    • Added SGK CFW 4.40.4 MD5

    Finally, superfurry has released a Simple MD5 Check v1.0 + PS3 PUP Check application stating the following:

    Hello All, I would like to share with you a little tool i just made Simple MD5 Check. Following on from DEFAULTDNB PUP checker i made this which will check any file and give you the MD5 hash code along with the size.

    I have integrated DefaultDNB's PUP checker into this, You can load the PUP checker through this tool, and place the PUP checker tool in the same folder too. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JozsefViktor View Post
    Plz just this program Custom firmware maker need to me, i have new ps3, and i would make the kmeaw patching.
    I've been waiting for this post

    Looks like I'm late though

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    omarmukhtar Guest
    hi, thanks for the update.

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    elser1 Guest

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    majrawi Guest
    thanks for the news also..

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    gutcham2 Guest

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    Lambo Guest
    thanks as well

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    revolution gms Guest
    thanks for the explanation.

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