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    Contributor phuqt's Avatar
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    Confused PS3 CFW's with dead BD drive

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    i have a dead drive on ofw 3.2. what cfw can i use for playing back ups off hard drive or external usb hard drive.

    thank you

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    What model of ps3 do you have?

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    3.41 or 3.55 version. Any flavors of CFW will do. As long as your PS3 can still play games, like PSN games or Demos.

    If your BD-Board is dead, you might want to fix the entire BD Drive, by re-marrying it.

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    If his board is dead he won't be able to update his firmware to be able to re-marry.

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    Any CFW will work, but you will need to install a CFW that doesn't check your BD drive when you're updating so you don't get stuck in an update loop. You can make one using MFW Builder.

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    you can patch the PUP Update file with PS3MFW Builder. Enable the Point "Allow firmware update of console with broken blu-ray-drive" and patch the PUP file.

    If you want to re-marry the Board you can go back with this patched PUP to 2.10 FW for the Fat and 3.15 FW for the Slim.

    Hope its work.

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    I also use the Jaicrab BDROM patched LV2Diag...

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    how do i get demos on it without upgrade the fw?

    fat ps3 40gig. cechg01


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