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    Jun 2010

    ps3 cfw queries

    I have two questions

    1. Do i need to jailbreak my ps3 before installing kmeaw cfw 3.55?
    2. Is there any cfw version 3.56?

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    Jan 2011
    No to both of your questions.

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    Sep 2010
    1.) if you have 3.41 or lower just update with kmeaw cfw 3.55 to update to the latest JB
    2.) No there isn't any CFW 3.56 at this time

    Hope that helps.

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    There is no CFW 3.56 because 3.56 is only a PSN security update, so you do not need it to run your backups.

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    Thread Closed.

    Side Note:- Please read around the forums before asking.

Closed Thread

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