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    Leerz Guest

    PS Button Color PS3 CFW PKG Resigner Tools LRZ 20140823 / 20130929 by Leerz Arrives

    Following up on the last PKG Resigner application, today I present my (Leerz aka Leerz D.) PS3 CFW PKG Resigner Tools LRZ 20140823 / 20130929 with details below.

    Download: PKG.resigner.lrz.092913.7z / PKG.resigner.lrz.zip (Mirror)

    CFW PKG Resigner Tools LRZ 20140823/20130929

    This tool aim to fix modified PKG's/eboot that were made to work only on specific CFW version. (3.55 only) etc etc. i.e/ brew, or PSN pkgs/installers

    This will resign the pkg, to work on any cfw version.. the procedure is very straightforward and does 99% of the manual stuff. I've ripped code and stuff from various tools that can also achieve this process.

    To use, extract all the files on folder. Drag your PKG file to the "PKG.resigner.lrz.20140824.bat" and wait for it finish, it will create a "yourfile.resigned.pkg" after the procedure.

    Majority of the code have been taken from CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.20 (x86), so credit to the authors of the tools used on this set.

    I think this is very similar to eboot resigner scetool script by razdbb, only it's for eboots, this is directly for old pkg files.

    I did this batch script 20130929 cos I had a few pkgs lying around that I can't use because they are not compatible with cfw when I updated beyond 3.55, just thought I'd share it cos it saved me time (and finding updated and compatible pkgs of the files I have seem impossible/hard to find), I've updated it today so it will be easier to use. 20140823

    Greets to all the greats! deank, rax, aldos, rogero, everyone.

    viva las filipinas

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted your post to our main page and +Rep Leerz for the release!

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    drphuz Guest
    This is a handy little app. +20 points for Gryffindor Lol

    Its good to see the scene staying active.

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    Says will resign the pkg, to work on any cfw version.. but instead of the usual higher cfw is it possible to resign to older 3.15 mfw to get more of the newer hombrew to work?

    Or is the problem that the 3.15 base fw even though modified, doesn't have the newer functionality that may be called now with current pslight libraries etc? Does that mean newer hombrew would have to be specifically written to be backward compatible to run on mfw 3.15?

    Hoping that resigning some pkgs might get some of the newer homebrew running, but not sure at what level the problems are. Anyone have an idea? (keeping 3.15 cause i use OtherOS YDL btw)

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