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    barrons Guest

    Exclamation PS3 CFW for phat on 3.10 40gb with faulty blu-ray

    Hi Guys!

    Im new to the forum! I have a few questions. I have used the search function also before i posted.

    I have a PS3 Phat on 3.10 firmware and the issue is my Bluray drive isn't reading DVD'S, CD'S or anything else at all but is ejecting and taking in disc fine no issue and i'm able to boot up into the XMB without any problem

    First question is there a specific custom firmware i should be using if i want to jailbreak my PS3 Phat considering my Bluray drive doesn't work?

    i have searched and seen a BDB drive by pass firmware but this has been about since january and was unable to find anything else.

    will i be able to upgrade to KMeaw 3.55 with no issues? and install PKG's? or will i come across issues?

    Didn't know if anyone else has been in this position and managed to get the PS3 with a non working Bluray onto a custom firmware and get for example Multiman working?


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    iskj3098ias Guest
    IIRC, you should have no problems installing a CFW (be it kmeaw, Rebug or other) since your drive is "half-dead" (it's detected by the system, just doesn't read disks. For those with a real dead drive (or non-existent one) they would need the BDB bypass to update.

    After the update you should be able to install .pkg's without issue, same with MM. Backups would depend on which function without a disk in drive (since it wouldn't detect yours), but deank's eboot FIX will make them fake PSN style games which will work diskless.

    Again, this is from the top of my head, so I would wait for someone else to either confirm or correct me.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    only a few games will work without a disc unless you do like what iskj3098ias says and convert them to PSN games, and even then there are some that don't work or need a special setup to work.

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