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Thread: PS3 CFW and MFW Newbie FAQ Guide

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    CrackHatDevJB Guest

    PS3 CFW and MFW Newbie FAQ Guide

    This is a guide for all newbs who doesn't know about CFW's and MFW's

    1. CFW/OFW/MFW: CFW = Custom Firmware is a customized OFW = Official Firmware for ps3. It means that Sony makes a new OFW and someone customizes it and releases it (EXAMPLE) : Rogeros 4.30/4.31 DEX Firmware/SGK Team 4.31.1

    2. How to jailbreak: You CANT jailbreak if you are above 3.55 firmware... Its impossible because Lv1-3 keys are classified in firmwares above 3.55.

    3. Getting to 3.55 Firmware: If you are on (example) 4.25 OFW (Works with other OFW's) You can get a e3 flasher or Teensy (There are many many more downgrade softwares so search them) BUT if you have e3 for example you need to open your ps3 and take out a lot of stuff (NAND=Soldering/NOR=Clip) so I recommend a 3.55 Ps3 or you use some service to downgrade it.

    4. Different CFW's: Well there is a lot of them but the most common ones are: Rogero DEX/CEX / Team Rebugs CFW / ErmaC / Team SGK

    5. There is hope! If you have patience you can wait until someone cracks the LV keys!

    6. Please give me feedback! And tell me if i'm wrong at something!

    CH++ Peace

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    eljigantie Guest
    how about recommending which is best? for which type of user?

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    BluRay Guest
    I enjoy both Rebug and Rogero because they're the ones I trust the most, but in a way, they barely got any difference. You most likely won't ever use 99% of what Rebug has to offer and Rogero is quite a basic CFW, not as full as Rebug but it works, and It seems to be the one deank (MultiMan creator) is supporting the most. Anyway, out of those mentioned, just stay away from Team SGK CFW as it seems to be under development, after it gets stable and tested enough it could be worth it though.

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    eljigantie Guest
    thats the kind of info us new guys need. cheers

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    Q8murder Guest
    i have jailbroken PS3 3.55 i want to go online. how i can spoof my verson and let it shows as 4.31 and what i need to download to not get banned?

    sorry my english is bad

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    BluRay Guest
    You can use PSN SEN Enabler Disabler or if you Rebug CFWs, you can use Rebug Toolbox and switch the mode from NORMAL to REBUG.

    About what you need to download to not get banned, well... OFW 4.31, play original games on a homebrew-free PS3 and not use cheats, I never heard of anyone doing that and getting banned, so I guess It works.

    There is StealthMan, PSNinja and maybe some other apps, I feel like they hide homebrew only while Sony can detect If you're on CFW or OFW so they don't help much (I could be wrong). Sadly, there is no way to guarantee you won't get banned. I've been getting on PSN since the first release of FckPSN and somehow managed to survive all the ban waves, everytime I play online I use games with BD and not backups, but I really doubt thats really a way to avoid bans, I think I was just lucky.

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