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    senser1993 Guest

    Question PS3 CFW with Linux Dual-Boot and OtherOS++

    Hey everybody , first of all i wanted to point out that i am not a newbie here , i just never used the forum... (and i am daily updated about all the ps3 scene stuff)

    after a lot time of not using my ps3 (that has the first rebug cfw, 3.55.1 i think) ... i want to install a new cfw - but what i want is that it will have the capability to run Linux (Ubuntu 11.10), and will have all the new *cool stuff* of the latest cfw.

    so if someone with more experience with that could recommend me i will be grateful.

    p.s is there an option to log into PSN this days ,from CFW ?


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    Mirac00lix Guest
    CFW + PSN -> never. If you want linux back on your PS3 take a look at wiki.gitbrew.org/wikibrew/PS3. You'll find some cfw's there with different VFLASH sizes to install linux. I prefer to install linux distro. Red Ribbon (WIFI working on slims)

    Videotutorial: youtube.com/user/Gitbrew

    You should use a fw with "no ss patches". The FW with SS Patches will bring you Trophy errors in some games

    Red Ribbon is a light-wight distro optimized for ps3 slim. It's very fast (I've tried normal ubuntu too)
    • Latest Graf Chokolo Kernel
    • Wifi woks fine with this.
    • nice online update
    • easy setup.


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    senser1993 Guest
    about the PSN on CFW - NEVER SAY NEVER ... - wow that sounds gay (damn you Justin Bieber!)... i have PS3 SLIM so i can see that only OtherOS++ project is doing that job ... i think i will download CFW 3.55 SPECIAL version of that firmware...

    do you know if there is any consequences for installing fw like that (unlike the regular ones that dont support otherOS) , will i have any problems with playing backed-up games ?

    and why did you suggest to use Red Ribbon ? is it superior than Ubuntu on the ps3 , is it taking better advantage of the cell processor? i don't see why , because both of them are based on Debian.

    UPDATE: i found out that in IBM they worked with fedora for the Cell... so what should i choose , fedora 12 (the last one that have support of ppe) or Yellow Dog 6 that as implied has been partly built for the ps3 (and is based on fedora) ???

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    senser1993 Guest

    Installing OtherOS++ on FW 3.55

    Hey everybody!

    I have PS3 SLIM with cfw rebug 3.55.2 (with the latest rebug spoofer 4.00).. i want to install linux on my ps3 (Yellow Dog 6.2) , so i wanted to know what is the best way to install it on my ps3 ?

    i read a lot of topic about that , but it seems to be a different issue in any fw or ps3 version.

    So if can somebody help me with my personal issue it will be much appreciated.

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