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Thread: PS3 CFW Folder Checker Homebrew App and Source Code Arrive

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    PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.2 Arrives, Includes PS3 EBOOT Re-Signer

    Following up on his PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.1 release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer PsDev has updated the homebrew application to version 3.2 which includes a PS3 EBOOT Re-Signer followed by version 3.3 and v3.5 / v3.6 / v3.7 by Ac1DMoDz as detailed below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.2 / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.3 (Final) / PS3Tools GUI Edition (Source Code) GIT / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.5 (Mod) / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.6 (Mod) / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 (Mod) / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 (Mod) (Mirror) / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 (PKG Toolkit) / PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 (PKG Toolkit) (Mirror)

    To quote: It's about time for another update to my program, this time around I added a scetool section. It has 3 new options with one favorite thanks to andreus for a script that I use, I also update the SFO Reader tool and fix some bugs. See official changelog below.

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.2 Changes:
    • Added scetool section
    • Show curent keylist
    • Decrypt EBOOT.BIN up to 3.60
    • Decrypt and resign EBOOT.BIN automatically
    • Fixed SFOREADER bug
    • When ever you get a output it autp copys to clipboard
    • Minor bug fixes through out program to make it run a little more fluently.

    Just to elaborate some on the auto EBOOT.BIN re-signer, just put the 3.60 EBOOT.BIN in the root of folder run the tool it will decrypt it and re-sign it for use on lower Firmware.

    Note: Dropping a SPRX file and clicking decrypt will not decrypt it, nor error out, but report success and magically delete the SPRX file from the folder it was in.

    Soon after the 3.2 release, he released 3.3 (via, but claims it will be his final update, and the source code will be also released in the near future. To quote:

    It has been fun making this program, it has gone threw 12 awesome updates. I'm sad to stop working on it, but I'm happy to see what you guys can continue to make it into. I will release the source code, but not today.

    Lets leave that for another time and focus on this release. This is also the most stable version, all features have been tested not only by me but other people too, (Dcnigma, Industerialcode) and all features work properly.

    v3.3 Final Changes:
    • SCETool v0.28 added
    • New keys added to keyset
    • New script for EBOOT resigning
    • New file system layout
    • Removed do it button
    • Now everytime you select a option from one of the drop down menu it does that option right away
    • Removed SELF tool
    • Cleaner
    • Every option has its individual message box completion of operation

    There is a new way that the file system works. There is a individual folder for all the tools (PUP Tools, scetool, Core_os Tool ect) And when you want to use the tool just place the file in the correct folder and use the GUI. This system is cleaner and allows me to not use as much code.

    There is a script in the scetool folder called fix. This script is what can be edited to your standards for the EBOOT resigning. I did this so if you want to sign for 3.41 ect or change compression or anything just edit the script and run the GUI no need for new update, much more efficient.
    @echo off
    FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims= " %%A IN ('scetool.exe -i EBOOT.BIN') DO (
    if [%%A]==[ContentID] set CID=%%B
    scetool.exe --decrypt EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.ELF
    scetool.exe --sce-type=SELF --compress-data=FALSE --skip-sections=TRUE --key-revision=0A --self-auth-id=1010000001000003 --self-add-shdrs=TRUE --self-vendor-id=01000002 --self-type=NPDRM --self-fw-version=0003005500000000 --np-license-type=FREE --np-content-id=%CID% --np-app-type=EXEC --np-real-fname=EBOOT.BIN --encrypt EBOOT.ELF EBOOT.BIN
    del /Q EBOOT.ELF > NUL
    scetool -i EBOOT.BIN
    There is no more "Do It" button, since I change the way the files are modified I thought I will just make every option a button it self, is when you click the option you like from the drop down menu it will do the operation. Note: After click may take a sec for the operation to start be patient.

    About PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.5 Ac1DMoDz Version, to quote (via

    PS3Tools 3.5 GUI Edition is finally here! Ac1DMoDz has released a new sleek version of PS3Tools GUI Edition. This update includes a new layout and design. He plans on adding more tools and a theme in version 3.6.

    Thanks to PsDev, Snowydew, Geohot, Fail0verFlow and everyone else who made this possible.

    How to use:

    Put the PS3UPDAT file into the PUP Tools folder and select PUP unpack in the GUI same with all the other files.

    PS3Tools 3.6 GUI Edition: Some improvements were to add a SFO Editor under the SFO Tools category. I also added a Package Viewer to the tools along with a new category named Package Tools. The Core_os HexDump was removed because this feature was disabled in version 3.3 any ways, and along with all of them improvements I added very nice looking theme!

    PS3Tools 3.7 GUI Edition Changelog:
    • PS3 HDD Studio Added!
    • Added HDD Section (I plan on adding more tools to this once Naehrwert releases his HDD Decryption tools? )
    • Updated the SCETool

    [imglink=|PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.2 Arrives, Includes PS3 EBOOT Re-Signer][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.2 Arrives, Includes PS3 EBOOT Re-Signer][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.2 Arrives, Includes PS3 EBOOT Re-Signer][/imglink]
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    willard41 Guest
    if somone did brick here are cex to dex debricking files with pspjig running on all psp ver with as low as original chickHEN fw (included).

    yes even 3000 , all files except rogero pup but link is in instructions. 10 min you back in the game. hope this helps

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    PS3Tools GUI Edition v4.0 Arrives by Ac1DMoDz with New PS3 Tools

    Following up on the previous revisions, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Ac1DMoDz has updated the PS3Tools GUI Edition to version 4.0 Ac1DMoDz Edition with the changes outlined below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI (Ac1DMoDz) Edition v4.0 / / (PS3 Tools Collection v2.7.40) / (Mirror) by aldostools

    To quote: Ac1DMoDz is back with a all new PS3Tools, This update includes GUI Changes and a few tools added.

    Change Log:
    • Updated Theme
    • HDD Tools Removed (Added To Misc Tools)
    • Added Misc Tools (Tools that dont have a specific category)
    • PKG Decrypter Bug Fixed
    • SFOedior Moved To Misc
    • TrueAncestor PKG Creator Added
    • TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner v1.5 Added

    Note: May come up as false positive

    [imglink=|PS3Tools GUI Edition v4.0 Arrives by Ac1DMoDz with New PS3 Tools][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jamaan Guest
    when i put EBOOT.BIN to scetool to decrypt it this message show:
    • Error: Could not find keyset for SELF.
    • Error: Could not decrypt header.

    please help me to fix it.

    i want make EBOOT.BIN TO EBOOT.ELF

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    fausty Guest
    Hi. Apparently I need to make two posts and be registered two days to see the DL link for toolkit 4.0.

    You guys are killing me...

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    Welcome and sorry about that, but just one to go

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    fausty Guest

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    Storms Guest

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    devilzero Guest
    thank very much

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    WalteR5690 Guest
    thanks very much

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