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    sigmaphi Guest
    a good release


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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.0 Arrives, Incorporates PS3 EDAT Tools

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer PsDev has updated PS3Tools GUI Edition to version 2.0 which now incorporates the PS3 EDAT Tools with the complete changelog detailed below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.0

    To quote: I collaborated now listen, PsDev back with the brand new edition. Yes, yes. Me and SnowyDew have collaborated and I added his magnificant tools to mine It was a struggle getting it to execute properly, but I finally got rid of all the errors and combined them for the best experience.
    • Changes, Decrypt and Re-encrypt edat's successfully
    • iso.bin.edat extraction
    • Decrypt eboot.pbp's / eboot.bins for further game modifiying
    • Decryption of act.dat and rif keys
    • Print coreos image info

    Snowydew: so the decryption as it stands right now, an do iso.bin.edat, requires idps, rif and act.dat for the games. re-encryption i believe it needs the “fake” signed ones, as well as an idps (not sure on the idps) however the second method only requires the idps and the .rap file. this does not cover licenseing games i believe (It could, but we haven’t tested it) the re-encryption algo is in the encryption one, but again haven’t been able to test it completely (reason I was asking around on twitter awhile back)

    Thanks to naehwert, snowydew, KaKaRoToKS, geohot, math and any one else I forgot.

    Finally, in related news today belioc has leaked what he claims are some PlayStation 3 Lv0 Opcodes (below) and has credited PsDev for them, as stated below:

    Although I am leaking this, I am still gonna give credit to who got these, that is PsDev. OpCodes (Operation codes) are the operation to be performed in a instruction set of the processor.

    Here are the lv0 operation codes. A lot are unknown so it's really hard to say what function they're doing, but the function offset is provided. When I recieved the file it has about 10MB of NOP (No operation performed) about 1MB of operations being performed.

    First Set: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=39173
    Second Set: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=39174

    Shortly afterwards, PsDev stated the following rebuttal though: Lol this is false, me and naehwert talked it over the opcodes are just a reading that is false due to the lv0 being encrypted. the BL is what decrypt the lv0. How would I dissemble a encrypted lv0?

    Haha last time I share something that could have potential (it don't) with someone.

    Just run the lv0 in a DisArm decoder (don't have to be DisArm) it will bot the self and tell the opcodes (that are false).

    Thanks naehwert. Good bye.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Can this decrypt 3.6+ eboots? If so then we can start making our own 3.55 eboots.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.1 Out, Retail PKG Decryption and Extraction

    Today developer PsDev has updated PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.0 to version 2.1, which now includes PlayStation 3 Retail PKG decryption and extraction.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.1 / PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.1 (Mirror)

    To quote: The major addition is a Retail PKG decryption and extraction tool. I also removed the extra tools as it wasn't needed, and wasted space, most external programs are gonna be taken out and be coded so it's internal. That way space, folder size and your Computers memory is more free.

    I need to thank math because, this uses his AES engine and without it I would have had to code one on my own. (Don't worry I had his permission). It was truly a pain incorporating this into my program, much harder than the EDAT tools.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Changelog v2.1:
    • Decryption of Retail PKG
    • Extraction of Retail PKG
    • Bug fixes
    • Removed external programs
    • Fixed bugs and added some little features in EDAT tool
    • Doesn't take up as much memory

    Also if I can port Rcomage to c# then expect that to be next release, it's hard porting c++ to c# though, but I'm trying, it has alot of code that needs converter.

    Thanks to naehwert, KaKaRoToKS, geohot, Math, eussNL and of course Fail0verFlow! and anyone else I forgot.

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    JW117 Guest
    What is the different between this and pkgview? About THE decryption and extraction from pkg retail packages as pkg view

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    DJoel Guest

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.5 Arrives, Includes New GUI and Features

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer PsDev has updated PS3Tools GUI Edition to version 2.5 which now includes a new PS3 GUI and features as outlined below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.5

    To quote: To jump right into it, I have added a lot into this version. RCO dumper SFO reader and a whole new GUI form and GUI improvements.

    When the program first loads, you're going to be opted to choose the GUI, well remember the original GUI for the main screen? Well I added a new one that took out the Command prompt emulator, made the form smaller and sleeker.

    Once you choose the GUI you want it will take you too the specific form, but wait, you want to use the other GUI after your done with your first selection? Well I though of that and instead of having it close after selection it stay's alive until you're done!

    • Dump category_friend.rco
    • Dump category_game.rco
    • Dump category_music.rco
    • Dump category_network.rco
    • Dump category_photo.rco
    • Dump category_psn.rco
    • Dump category_sysconf.rco
    • Dump category_tv.co
    • Dump category_user.rco
    • Dump category_video.rco
    • Added loading bar on both GUI
    • Added dialogs to see completion
    • Add messageboxes for errors and PUP completion
    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Fixed Core_os image reader tool

    Side Note: All RCO's that are dumped will be shown in the RCO folder.

    Finally in related news, following up on his previous revisions today nevik has made available PS3Tools v2 for Mac OSX (10.6 10.7) and Make PKG (Windows) stating the following:

    If you repack any .PKG with they will install on 4.11 DEX. I have had a great deal of fun learning TCL TK and some python to try and make this tool as easy to use as possible for those who don't want to install Macports. Read README and how to use included.

    PS3Tools v2 for OSX:

    New: no more X11 needed all GUI is written in tcl tk.
    • Readself2
    • Edit Read and Create PARAM.SFO files.
    • Fail0verFlow make self tool

    As of now you can:
    • unself : F0F unself
    • unself2 : F0F unself2 See README.txt for mallory instructions.
    • readself : F0F readself and readself2<<new to V2
    • make_self : This is geohot's make_self.
    • make_self_F0F : F0F make self tool<<new to V2
    • make_self_npdrm : This is geohot's make_self_npdrm tool.
    • package_finalize : This is geohot's tool to make any .pkg installable on WutangrzaCFW.
    • norunpack : F0F to unpack NOR.BIN.
    • pupunpack : This will unpack any PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • pupexplode : This will unarchive all the files from the PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • ungpkg : This is for unpkg npdrm pkg (works on some .pkg not on others)
    • unpkg : This is for unpkg of regular pkg (works on some .pkg not on others)
    • unpack_devflash : it's a simple dev_flash extractor for 3.56+ PUPs --thanks Wargio
    • make_pkg : This is HACKERSCHANNEL-PS3Py's python script that will make a npdrm .pkg that will install on your PS3.
    • Extract CoreOs : it's a simple CoreOs extractor for 3.56+ PUPs --thanks Wargio
    • Edit PARAM.SFO : Edit or read a Game PARAM.SFO file. <<NEW in V2
    • New PARAM.SFO : create a New PARAM.SFO file for your homebrew. <<NEW in V2

    Update: PS3 developer nevik has now updated his OSX PS3 Tools to version 4 with the changes below, as follows:

    Download: Ps3Tools_V4.zip / Ps3Tools_V4.zip (Mirror)

    To quote: This is a collection of tools for use with the files from the Ps3 and it’s games. This contains many tools, none of which I developed! I simply collected them and put a GUI to them to make it easier to use for those of us running OsX. This has been tested on 10.8-10.9.3

    Tools found in this collection are: Scetool, FailOverFl0w’s tools, Reself, Make_npdata, ps2classic, ps3isotool, fixEBOOT and a few more. So thanks to all who contributed time in developing these tools including but not limited to: flatz , IngPereira , LoOzers, aldostools , baargle , fail0verfl0w, Graf _chokolo, MAGiC333X, naehrwert.

    This will help you decrypt and encrypt files, unpkg .pkg’s, explore firmwares, create .pkg files and manage your games and a few more things. Make sure to click the Read_Me button first to install the necessary files to make the tool run correctly.

    It will also help you install the keys and all the proper files i.e.: /exdata, act.dat, idps… to ensure that everything runs correctly. Once again thanks to all who have contributed to the scene and I hope that this will help a few people out who run OsX! Enjoy!

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools GUI Edition Updated to v2.6, PS3 CEX to DEX App Added

    Following up on his previous revision, today PlayStation 3 developer PsDev has updated PS3Tools GUI Edition to version 2.6 which now includes PS3 CEX to DEX functionality as outlined below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.6

    To quote: Hi everybody, here to release my new update.

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.6 Changes:
    • Added CEX 2 DEX
    • New Interface
    • Fixed PKG decryptor button
    • Fixed EDAT Tool button
    • Removed second GUI form
    • Minor bug fixes and code changes to perform better

    I have been asked a lot recently to add in a debug PKG decryptor because all I had is a Retail decryptor & extractor. Well I did, but last minute checks, I noticed it was not performing the way I wanted it too.

    So instead of releasing faulty code/tool on my program and say it works half way, I'd rather withdraw the feature until a further update when I can have it working properly to my standards and what should be most.

    PlayStation 3 CEX to DEX:

    This whole CEX to DEX is going around, I felt like adding it to GUI form had to be done so, I jumped on band wagon and did it. When going to use this Make sure you have a CEX Nor flashed named "CEXFLASH.bin" and the eid_root_key.bin in the program folder.

    Run the tool and it will output a DEXFLASH.bin... easy as pie. Note* opensll required!!

    Thanks to naehrwert, KaKaRoToKS, andbey0nd Math, HsRiena, geohot, eussNL, zecoxao and ofcourse the MAIN team I cannot forgot. Fail0verFlow also tthousand for always helping with everything, you're awesome buddy I never give you enough appreciation and thanks!!

    Finally, from Sony PS3 hacker evilsperm:

    I will not be going into detail on how to compile the metldrpwn or how to compile and use libeeid. Oh and if you don't know what scp is go google it because im not gonna be getting into all that, this isnt a spoon feeding tut

    1. dump nor (from xmb, hardware flasher, or petitboot) if from petitboot you will need a flash drive or external hdd. make sure you hold on to this backup or your FUCT if something goes wrong.
    2. extract nor (f0f tools or the windows nor unpack)
    3. install rebug otheros++
    4. install rebug otheros++ preptools
    5. boot into petitboot
    Now this is where it will start to get tricky because you will need to either scp files or use a flashdrive/external hdd, I use scp because its fast and easy
    6. READ eEID : dd if=/dev/ps3nflasha skip=$((0x2F000)) of=/cex_eid.bin bs=1 count=$((0x10000))
    7. scp cex_eid.bin to your computer
    8. cd / rm cex_eid.bin
    8. scp your metldr to the PS3 from your computer
    9. run the metldrpwn on your metldr and dump the eid_root_key
    10. scp your eid_root_key from your PS3 to your computer
    11. use libeeid or whatever that other cex>dex tool is and convert your eid to dex (using the cex_eid.bin > dex_eid.bin)
    12. scp your new dex_eid.bin to the PS3
    13. WRITE eEID: dd if=dex_eid.bin of=/dev/ps3nflasha bs=1 seek=$((0x2F000)) count=$((0x10000))
    14. reboot
    15. if you're not bricked you will still be in cex FW just install DEX fw and poof your done


    If you brick its 100% you're fault and you didn't follow the instructions the the letter, or you just did something wrong all together. Don't ask me what went wrong cuz I won't have a clue nor do I care if you brick seeing I warned you to have a hardware flasher just in case.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh but if you don't think you can do this then you shouldn't be trying to mess with your nor in the first place because YOU CAN PERM BRICK!

    Rename the .bin's for use with this gui...

    Note: After booting to gameOS from petitboot (just after writing the nor, which only a very small section is actually changed) it is still booting the cex firmware that is installed. It isn't on debug fw yet, so there are no debug options. All this does is allow you to install a debug firmware.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.0 - PS3 SPU, Debug PKG & SELF Decryption

    Shortly following his last release, today PlayStation 3 developer PsDev has now updated PS3Tools GUI Edition to version 3.0 which now adds PS3 SPU emulation, SELF decryption and Debug PKG decryption as detailed below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.0

    To quote: Hi everyone, here with a new update to my program. Added SPU Emulation, Self Decryption and debug pkg decryption. Along with more accurate loading bars and a interface change to pkg tool, spu emulation, self decryption, edat tool.
    • SPU emulation added
    • Debug PKG decryption added
    • SELF decryption added
    • Logging Errors/successes added to EDAT tool
    • Logging Errors/succession added to PKG tool
    • Loading bars code adjustment, more accurate now

    Originally by KDSBest, SPU emulation has been incorporated in my GUI. It was quite easy, we both coded our programs in C# (Sharp) so I didn't really have much trouble.

    Self decryption is know possible. Just browse for your self/bin file and hit decrypt or, drag and drop. Yes I added it.

    Now Debug PKG decryption is a option too, just name the file debugpkg.pkg put in root of program folder and run the tool and it decrypts.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.1 - PS3 SPU Emulation and .SELF Encryption

    Just a few days since his PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.0 release, PsDev has now updated the homebrew application to version 3.1 which includes PS3 SPU emulation changes, .SELF encryption and more as outlined below.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.1

    To quote: Just finished my latest update for PS3Tools GUI Edition. I added quite a bit of changes in this version, scroll down to the Change log to see.
    • .SPU is now extension for emulator
    • SPU editor
    • Edit SPU files for emulator
    • Save SPU files for emulator whilst the program still open for faster emulation
    • A label that tells whether it’s currently emulating or not
    • SPU emulator has message boxes now upon successeions or errors
    • SPU refreshed button fixed
    • Changed interface for LS and codewatcher
    • Debug pkg decryption temporarily removed
    • Checks pkg type now
    • SELF encryption added
    • Filter added to opening SPU file on editor and emulator so it narrows it down to just .SPU files
    • CEX2DEX now will tell if validation is done
    • Test.SPU included for testing
    • Included missing .dll for SPU emulation

    I had some reports the Debug pkg decryption wasn’t working, so I removed until further notice.


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Nice little example I made up, I commented on it to give you a little understanding. Still gotta give props to KDSBest for original creation.

    Finally, below are some guides from PsDev (via psx-scene.com/forums/content/tutorial-2471/) for those interested:

    PS3 PUP Unpacker:

    1. Make sure the PUP is named "PS3UPDAT.PUP"
    2. Click the drop down menu in PUP Tools
    3. Click "PUP unpacker"
    4. Now click do it and your down, you will receive a output like below:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Dev_flash Tool:

    1. Name the PUP "PS3UPDAT.PUP"
    2. Click the drop down menu in PUP Tools
    3. Click Dev_flash unpacker, and hit Do It. You will get output like below (Note, It will be a lot longer, that's just a example):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Readself Tool:

    1. Just place one of the following, lv0, lv1ldr, lv2ldr, appldr, isoldr or EBOOT.BIN in root of program folder
    2. Click drop down menu
    3. Click the one you want to use and click Do it, you will get the following output (Note, Different for other files selected):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Core_os Tool:

    1. Make sure the Core_os is named original.
    2. Click Drop down menu
    3. Then click decrypt and do it.
    4. You will be outputed with a file called decrypted_core_os_package
    5. Then click extract you will be presented with a extracted core_os
    6. Then you can encrypt it and you will be presented with a encrypted core_os
    7. Output below for decrypted log:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Fix Tar Tool:

    1. After modifying the tar file you need to fix it for it to be correct, so have it named "Update_files.tar"
    2. Click drop down menu
    3. Click the following options on the screen that apply to the tar you want to fix
    4. Click do it, you will get a output similar like below:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    SCE Info Tool:

    1. Have one of the following file in root folder, lv0, ld1ldr, lv2ldr, appldr, isoldr or eboot.bin
    2. Click the option that applys
    3. Click do it and you will get output similar like below:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    SFO Reader Tool:

    1. Name the file PARAM.SFO
    2. Click drop dow menu and click sfo reader
    3. Click do it and you will be presented with similar output like below:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    RCO Tool:

    1. Have the original name of one of the rco that are optioned in the drop down menu
    2. Make sure that specific rco file is in your root of your folder
    3. Click it then click do it, you will have a dumped rco in RCO folder along with following output:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    C2D Tool:

    1. Have the eid_root_key named this "eid_root_key.bin"
    2. Name the Flash or your Nor, CEXFLASH
    3. Have openssl installed under C:/opensll
    4. Then click drop down menu
    5. Click only option
    6. Click do it and get output plus DEXFLASH like below:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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