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Thread: PS3 CFW Folder Checker Homebrew App and Source Code Arrive

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I didn't expect less from you

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    wwywong Guest
    What a shame! And he claimed himself a "ps3 dev"? It's more like a college student project! He should be worry if it takes more than 5 min!! And him dare to brag about it is really amazing. No offense to other dev in the scene, +rep to all of you out there.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Sure, the micro one with Hulk Hogan in it.
    Boss, how about we start a midget wrestling promotion.

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    Foo Guest
    If you read this guys Tweets he seems to know something.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Yeah Math is holding his hand though so you can be pretty sure that won't lead anywhere.

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    Crypter Tools Released

    As this is our current thread for PsDev developments I will leave this here for the moment... it appears to be a generic file decrypter/encrypter and not anything PS3-specific so I won't mainpage it, but those who want to check it out can do so.

    Download: Crypter Tools / MSVCR100D.dll (required)

    Below are the details from the ReadMe file via

    This can package of tools can encrypt and decrypt any file type, you can use you own key so no one can decrypt it. Unless they know the key.

    The USAGE:

    <Encrypter.exe> <input> <output> : <The Key you want>
    <Decrypter.exe> <input> <output> : <The Key you entered in the encryptor>
    Note -- if the file has and extension on it ex: example.txt, you must add the .txt.

    The Decrypter will say it was decrypted succesfully but if you did not enter the right key you will get a file damage error.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Yep Boss, it's a generic encrypter, there are tons of these around net, nothing PS3-specific here.

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    I figured as much based on what I've read thus far, but Thanks for the confirmation Tidusnake666 and +Rep!

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    enoughbr Guest

    Lightbulb Possible PS3 4.00 Exploit - PsDev's Theory

    Developer PsDev is back again today with another article ( for everyone to read and enjoy. This time, the topic revolves around a possible PS3 4.0 exploit, and the theory around it. This is information that he would like to share with the scene, in hopes of change and overcoming the current barriers to jailbreaking the PS3 console. Feedback welcomed, as PsDev has put a lot of thought and time into this theory.

    OK so lets get right to it. This is a theory, nothing more.

    There has been information available for quite some time. and I took it, thought about it, researched and experimented and I come out with my theory below to exploit 4.00 part of the way. This is not a random theory to, this is logical stuff and true facts. I'm providing this info for other devs to look at and lets see if this can work. I don't keep my work to my self, I like to share in give other people chances in discovering stuff. It always makes me happy when someone finds something out using my work, it just tells me I did a good job in describing and helping and they did a good job in listening and learning the material in order to trigger the exploit or whatever it might be.

    So the lv2ldr verifys decrypts the lv2_kernal.self. we can get the address of this happening. inside Parameters Layout there are arguments, they are used as commands basically to load a function you want to use. they start in the lv2 @ 0x3E800(seems to be same for other ldrs) that address. There is a argument that is called lv2_in and lv2_out (we have know about these) basically we can use lv2_in to map out the address and lv2_out to map out the address for where the lv2ldr decryptes the self file.

    We can make a program like readself basically and get the offset, u8* means read one byte from the address. use that and we can actually be get the exact offset where it all happens at. once we have the location grabbing this decrypted self should be the easy task. Like I said some info we had and some we did not know about can be obtained like this and used to get keys.

    exploiting 4.00 with this method would work most likely because I doubt sony changed all the locations where the loaders do there thing, sure there encapsulated in the bootloader but they still pass over into the ram at one point before being fed over to the metldr which loads ldrs and if all that is still happening then Sony didn't change nothing.. some where along these lines:
                    void *buf;  // <- that will get the address of the argument we chose to load
    		u? buf_size;// <- pretty clear it gets the size. but would you add u64?     
    	} lv2_in;	
    struct {
    		u8 result[0x10];//read it by one byte from the address 
            } lv2_out;
    that just a quick sample. not full. hell might even contain a error, developing is trial and error, until you get it right.

    So other devs I post this possible exploit I found here for you to experiment with and get some where with 4.00. You can follow me on twitter at!/RealPsDev

    Thanks bye.

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    Video: PS3Tools GUI Edition Application by PsDev is Now Available

    Today PlayStation 3 developer PsDev has made available PS3Tools GUI Edition, which is a suite consisting of several PlayStation 3 utility PC applications.

    Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition Application

    To quote: Features:
    • Can unpack any "PS3" Firmware up to date. Gets really fast after first or second use.
    • A console is built into the program showing you the exact log a cmd would.
    • Can Decrypt PS3/PSP retail PKG files (Signed by sony installable via OFW).
    • Can readself of, Appldr, lv0, lv1ldr, lv2ldr, isoldr, EBOOT.BIN or if any of the things that you want to read are not listed on a button you can run a custom command to do it, for example: aim_spu_module.self just type that in where it says input and it will read it. So any file that is possible to use via readself, can be done in a fast manor 1-2 sec.
    • A full featured .Conf editor. view .Conf files edit them then hit save button when finished.
    • A awesome Core_os_package tool that can decrypt, extract and encrypt the Core_os_package.pkg all in about 1-2 sec.
    • Sign pkg for 3.55 or 3.41
    • UnSELF a file.
    • Build SELF a file.
    • Whenever a tar file is modified, it's permissions need to be set, this tool can do that for you. fix the tar file for the following FW. retail fw up to 3.72, debug fw up to 3.72 and retail and debug fw 4.0.


    Lets use a example: If you want to unpack a ps3 update just get the PS3UPDAT.PUP

    (Don't change the name of any file in ps3 FW keep original) and put in tool folder, run my program click unpack and it will unpack it.

    So like if you want to fix tar make sure the update_files.tar stays the same name and put in the main folder where program is located. same for anyfile keep the original name. So it's pretty simple just drag the file that you want the tool to do something with and keep the original name.

    Here is a video I made (I am pretty bad a videos) to help it' a tutorial that covers everything. If some one else could make a better one that would be awesome.

    Notes: PS3Tools GUI Edition will create two new files for the Core_os_package. "decrypted_core_os" and "CORE_OS_PACKAGE_ENCRYPTED.pkg" don't change the name of the decrypted one or else you won't be able to encrypt it

    BETA Tester Thoughts: Tested by jhax78

    All those command line tools that takes loads of time and sometimes commands that you need to understand will be replaced by this 1 click tool, even a trained monkey could extract repack sign with this now.. it's taking literally 3 seconds to extract a pup resign or whatever you need to do.

    I'm no dev but like to poke around in stuff and i think more ppl think like this with this tool all that is just peanuts now.

    [imglink=|Video: PS3Tools GUI Edition Application by PsDev is Now Available][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: PS3Tools GUI Edition Application by PsDev is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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